Season 1 Episode 3

The Planet Eater

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1986 on

Episode Recap

Character Appearances: Quicksilver, Steelheart, Steelwill, Copper-Kidd, Bluegrass, Cmdr. Stargazer, Hardware, Buzz-saw, Mon-Star (transforms), Windhammer, Tally-Hawk, Yessman, Sky-runner
Other Characters: Freighter Crew (x2)

Locations: Hawk Haven, Brimstar

When a cargo freighter is attacked and apparently eaten by a shark-like spaceship the SilverHawks are scrambled into action. The space ship eater, called the Skychomper, is being operated by Hardware and Buzz-saw who are on their way back to Brimstar. The SilverHawks follow the Skychomper in the Mirage.

Back on Brimstar, Mon-Star, the Planet Master, orders Windhammer to create a galactic whirlwind which shoots across the cosmos to pound the Mirage who are then forced to break off and head back to Hawk Haven. Before they go though Quicksilver sends Tally-Hawk to covertly observe the proceedings on Brimstar.

later, during the mission debriefing Stargazer reveals that Tally-Hawks' reconnaissance was unsuccessful due to Mon-Star's defensive grid around Brimstar. But he knows there must be a way to take the fight to the enemy. Then realizing that the Copper-Kidd is absent from the debriefing Stargazer gets upset and chastises the Kidd's tardiness. This in turn upsets the just arrived Copper-Kidd who deciding to make it up to Stargazer, and goes out alone on his rocket sled to face down Mon-Star.

This proves disastrous for the Copper-Kidd who promptly gets himself grounded on Brimstar by another of Windhammers galactic gales, and then attacked by Buzz-saw. Meanwhile the other SilverHawks get the lowdown from Tally-Hawk and race to the rescue. The Copper-Kidd is far from defenseless though and he uses his technology to hack into Buzz-saw's cybernetics and control the villain. Hardware then runs into the fray and Mon-Star launches a Snag Missile, which nets up our hero and brings the now captive Copper-Kidd to the heart of Mon-Star's lair.

Mon-Star decides that the first thing he should do with his captive is explain all his plans, which the Copper-Kidd promptly relays through Tally-Hawk to the rest of the team. The Skychomper has been designed to capture and dismantle other space ships to provide fuel for an ultimate weapon. A grand and deadly machine, The Planet Eater… which looks to be a giant fiery hole in the planets' crust. Needless to say the SilverHawks race into action.

As the SilverHawks descend onto Brimstar, Windhammer slams them once again with a whirlwind, but the Hawks, launch from the Mirage and while working together manage to make it through the gale. They also use their foot talons to cut through another snag missile. Having bested the Brimstar's planetary defenses, the Hawks set down near The Planet Eater and prepare to destroy the monstrosity. Meanwhile Mon-Star transforms and races aboard Sky-Runner to attack his foes.

While Quicksilver faces down Mon-Star, the Steel twins race to free the Copper-Kidd and set the charges that will destroy The Planet Eater. Bluegrass, not wanting to be left out launches in the Hotseat and throws down some power chords on Hot Licks, making quick work of Hardware, Buzz-saw and Mon-Star himself. The villains quickly flee the scene of their defeat, and Quicksilver and Bluegrass hurry to meet up with the rest of the Hawks. During the battle though Yessman in an act of sheer stupidity, attempts to 'deep-space' the Copper Kidd (a bad move on a number of levels, not the least of which being the fact that the SilverHawks can survive in space!). Upon his return, Mon-Star punishes Yessman with the sting of the Lightstar; and the SilverHawks pick up the Copper-Kidd on their way back to Hawk Haven. As our heroes streak off into the distance the explosive charges finally go off back on Brimstar and The Planet Eater is destroyed for good.

Learn with the Hawks!
Q1: What is the name of the red colored fourth planet from the Sun? – 3 Points
Q2: What is the name of the large fifth planet from the Sun? – 3 Points
A1: Mars, A2: Jupiter
Total Possible Points - 6