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ABC1 (ended 2004)


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Welcome to the Silver Sun guide at TV.com.

It is the year 2050 and the teenage crew of the Star Runner are two years into a journey to the Silver Sun—an amazing planet located in a distant solar system 45 light years away. It is their mission to ensure the safe delivery of 550 cryonically suspended New Settlers to populate the New World and pave the way for future generations of mankind. Theirs is a mission of breath-taking proportion—the crew on board the Star Runner are pioneers and the success or failure of this endeavour depends on them.

Silversun is the mix of a science fiction show and a teenage drama. It's aimed at children to teenagers, but appeals to anyone. Everything is filmed inside a studio, and CGI plays a big part in making the special effects look real.
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  • Silversun is a teenage fast-paced version of Lost. It has everything but fame, and proves to us that real talents don't always get discovered.

    This review contains NO SPOILER, because it doesn't give the slightest description of the plot.

    In a popular way of saying, Silversun is a teenage fast-paced version of Lost. If you like Smallville, Blake Hosley High, Lost, Nip/Tuck, or any equally excellent show, you'll possibly love this show. I personally give Silversun a relative rating of 9.9, higher than all those shows mentioned.

    Silversun the show has its own destiny. The show is broadcast at rarely watched timeslots on some less noticable(but actually great) channels. That only allows a small number of viewers who have real 21st century tastes to watch it. Only these elite viewers will be inspired.

    The actors of this show, though did a superb job, won't be therefore assigned by big companies to do show after show, and that makes their roles unique and trustable, because you won't be watching this show and say "that guy is the same guy from XXX show".

    Simply one truth: Silversun has everything but fame, which may just be the right thing for it. It proves to us that real talents don't always get discovered.

  • Rather entertaining for the fact that it was aimed at Children half my age!

    All i can say is this series is really brilliant for what it is. I mean the Idea isn\'t new, but i don\'t feel that it can get old. For the buget they must have had, being an Australian Childrens TV-Series it was pretty good. The effects were poor and the acting is funny to watch, but none the less everyday i would sit down with my best friend and watch this entertaining kids show!moreless