Season 2 Episode 20

Journey Into Fear

Aired Sunday 8:35 AM Oct 01, 2004 on ABC1
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Journey Into Fear
Degenhardt pushes a button to bring out a crionic pod, but the code he put in was booby-trapped, and in one hour, all of the people in suspended animation on the Infinity would reanimate. The only person that can save them is Strega! Strega goes to the Infinity with Tane, and the countdown stops, but Strega begins to move the ship towards the Sargasso disc, which is almost suicide for everyone on board, including Tane, Degenhardt, Mara & Zandie!!! Cyriax tries to stop Strega, but its no use, when the Infinity goes through the disc.moreless

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  • So this is how it all ends. Not with a bang but a whimper. Captain's log, star date 17092009. ABC2 has re-run the series of Silversun and allowed it to come to an abrupt end without explanation.moreless

    But what an impressive series Silversun is - well written (by up to ten scriptwriters, I understand) well acted and very well designed. Of course the scenes of the ship in deep space are a joke, but this is probably the only mild criticism I can offer.

    Oh, and I could do without the two brats, but this is a series pitched at the 8 to 12 years age group, I suppose. As someone has already commented, how interesting that it appeals so readily to adults. Congratulations to Michael Harrison as Julian Strega - he is evil incarnate and pulls of his role so well - what a contrast to his sympathetic role in Fergus McPhail. Finally, it is so disappointing that Silversun was never released to DVD - it is an excellent series and should have international appeal (if ABC TV had found a few cameo roles for Canadian and German actors things would be very different I reckon.moreless
  • Ok, so here is me probably reading too much into it.

    Does anybody think that the abrupt ending, coupled with previous episode conversations about wormholes repeating time over and over again mean that our favourite space-travel team are stuck in an infinate loop of trying to save the Infinity then getting stuck? Because if that's the case, I'm disappointed. The episode was great- great acting, great script, great plot- but if that's how they're going to leave it, then shame on the ABC for ending a show that my 21 year old self loved watching on an afternoon. Such a cliffhanger is not a cool way to end a series that could have easily gone on for a couple more seasons (I mean, they had 88 years to go on that trip!)

    Still, great episode.moreless
  • well the bad guy has been caught. but let go and now he is let lose in the control room and is flying the infinity into a wormhole.

    well this episode like many others was excellent however it had one major flaw. the ending was too abrupt and left me hanging for more. although there was no more. how disapointing. to me this ruined the show, who wants to watch a series however excellent it may to be. to have an ending such as that. when i found out it was the last epidode i not oly felt sad but angry. excellent series but was let down majorly by the ending. disapointing. the series kept me hanging to the end unfornunately the best episode was the last episode however i would love too know what happened at the end of the episode. Can anyone tell me the ending to the excellent series because i would love to know.moreless

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