Season 1 Episode 13

Day of Judgment

Aired Sunday 4:00 PM Dec 14, 2003 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • We last see Throbb is when the owls chase him away. But in the book, he was struck and killed by lightning.

    • When Brutus and his troops arrive at Hibernaculum, he arrives with Atlas and two Snowy Owls. But in two different scenes, one Snowy Owl changes into a Great-Horned Owl. But then changes back into a Snowy Owl.

    • After the scene where Marina restores Shade's faith in himself Shade tackles Goth alone, even though Marina apparently didn't have to look after Orestes anymore and should have been free to follow Shade.

  • Quotes

    • Marina: If you're dad's still out there...
      Shade: I'll find him...

    • Brutus: It has been said that a good leader can admit when they've been wrong. I've been wrong about the Silverwings, wrong about my son, and so very wrong about Shade. Long ago, all bats were banished to the darkness for not taking sides. Today, they took a side! Today, you have earned all bats the right to fly night...or day!

    • Shade: Thanks.
      Brutus: No, thank you...lawbreaker.

    • Marina: They see a leader, Shade. So do I...

    • Goth: (To Shade) Your time has come, runt!

    • Brutus: (After seeing Goth and Throbb) No! can't be!

    • Orestes: Father, I swear that Shade and Marina are innocent!
      Brutus: How could you do this to me?
      Shade: Do this to you? Orestes has been nothing but brave! Isn't that what you wanted?
      Brutus: How dare you speak of things you do not know! Bravery and my son?

    • Hector: (To Bathsheba) How could you do this? We're your colony!

    • Ariel: (To Atlas) Take your filthy claws off my son! SHE's the traitor! (Bathsheba)

    • Frieda: Is this your idea of leadership?!
      Bathsheba: Sometimes you have to sacrifice the few for the many.

    • Hector: General Brutus, take Frieda and you'll have to deal with all of us!

    • Brutus: (To Frieda) I demand only you, Shade Silverwing, his Brightwing accomplice son.

    • Hector: Taught by Zephyr? Befriended by bears? Your father will be proud of you.
      Shade: I though my father was...dead.
      Ariel: I always intended to tell you...

    • Frieda: The council has decided. We must leave Hibernaculum immediately.

    • Ariel: Where did you learn to do that, Shade?
      Shade: An old bat named Zephyr taught me.

    • Marina: We escaped from two giant cannibal bats.
      Chinook: Well if they're so fierce, how did you get away?
      Marina: Shade used his echoprojection.
      Chinook: Only tiger moths can do that, and even if he could it wouldn't fool anybody...(sees the tiger moth projection, screams and falls off the rock.)

    • Luger: What is betraying your own species worth these days?
      Bathsheba: I seek only to restore order to this forest.
      Luger: Oh, of course you do.

    • Brutus: (To Luger) Without Bathsheba we wouldn't have found it (Hibernaculum) at all.

  • Notes

    • In the German edition of the show, this episode was titled "Der Tag des Gerichts."

    • Unlike in the novel Marina keeps her band up till the very end of season 1. In the novel it was ripped off her by Goth.

    • Shade's nightmare about Tree Haven being destroyed is made up of scenes and quotes from the first episode, A Glimpse of the Son.

    • Nothing in this episode was featured in the book, although Shade and the others did gain their right to see the sun by defeating Goth and the other cannibal bats in "Sunwing."

    • Todd makes a brief appearance in this episode after 'vanishing' since "No Bat is an Island."

    • Shade's last word to Goth was the first that Goth said to him in Dark Alliance ("Hola").

    • When he sees Goth, Brutus uses the exact same line Marina used when she first saw Goth in Dark Alliance ("No! can't be!").

    • Shade saves Brutus' life during the battle. Brutus saves Shade's life twice.

    • Orestes saves his father's life twice during the battle.

    • Goth's and Throbb's wings have holes and rips in them from the cold in this episode.

    • The game for this episode on is "Final Battle".

    • This marks the Finale of Season one. We hope Season Two will arrive next Fall bringing use episodes based apond the second book, Sunwing.

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