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  • Loved the books, enjoyed the series!

    I always wished they had made mores seasons of Silverwing. But I guess I'll have to make do with what's out there. Been re-watching the series on iTunes. They just posted all the episodes on there. Def. take a look!
  • Books were Better

    Honestly, I liked the books more than the show, but still. Also, I don't really like the way the charaters turned out.

    Anyways, I like the show xD.
  • Click "show" for Review

    When the show ended in late 2003, I would have to say I was very dissapointed. The show had left the series as a cliff-hanger, deprived of what would have been...a good ending. Many did say that the characters weren't displayed very well, and that both the animation and the voice acting, was not very good.

    However, I never said that this was a bad show.

    Most children watching it (aged between 6-11) had opened up to a whole new world, and experience. When the first novel was completed in 1997, many people still did not know about it. After the agreement to make the series was past completed, and the series aired, Children now could relate to another new animal, the Bat. Before that, most animals were either Cats, Dogs, Horses, Mice, or even Pigs. Yet, after the series, the show was even encorparated into some Canadian schools. I even found interest into the Bats.
    The animation, in my opinion, was still pretty nice. Seeing as though as this was based off the book, people had to dream in their imagination the surroundings, the characters, the theme, their world-everything in the book, they brought back to life in a film. This isn't a book about Wizards and Dragons, but something entirely new and un-achieved. Something never even attemped before!

    The voices also proved to be unique. Noticing now, many of the younger audiences prefer those voices, because they are not as serious as those of older films, or animated series (Plural) on TV. If you've noticed in other Younger-aged cartoons (Bob the Builder, Henry's world, anything on Treehouse or much younger-aged shows/stations) Thus, not creating a problem, but rather, enhancing the experience.

    And finally, the ending to the Series.
    As the ending precieves, Shade finds hibernaculum, wins back the Sun (This even happens in Sunwing, the Sequel to the book) and prepares to go find his father, and the Secret of the Bands. Now, besides my extreme dissapointment for how it ends, there isn't actually to much to be dissapointed about.
    In all honestly, all of the plot was resolved by the end of the Show. The main idea was for Shade to get back home, and the idea of finding his father, was beside the point. (Literally)(no Pun, if any, intended) The whole idea of getting the Sun back, didn't really set in until the Next book, netherless, still glad that it was included.

    So, in my opinion, I have to give the Series a 8.5 out of 10. These are my reasons towards this show, and my Hope still holds high for a Sequel for the Show.
  • I loved silverwing I thought it was the greatest show when I found out it got canceled I was devestated. If there was some way I could get it back on the air I would do it. I think it went off air because it came on at 4 am.

    They need to put it back on the air but at a more reasonable time of course my kids couldnt watch it at 4 am but if they put it on at like 4 pm or somthing like that I think I lot more people would watch it. please I want it back. I would even help. I stoped watching it for a long time because it was so early for it to be on. They probably cancled it because nobody was watching it. But how many people are really awake at 4 am. If I had not of stayed up one night with my insomnia I would have never heard of it. But then I got a job and couldnt stay up to watch it.I want it back now.
  • An excellent cartoon, if anything unspectacular.

    There once raged a war between the beasts and the birds that ended in a draw. The bats refused to take sides in the war and were outlawed to ever fly during the day. This law was broken when Shade, a Silverwing, saw the sun rise. The Owls, the most dominant species of the bird, demanded Shade be handed over as redemption for the broken law. Frieda, the leader of the Silverwings, refused this, and their home was burned as a result. The Silverwings journey towards their winter migration in search of their new home, but an unfortunate event occurs when two large cannibal bats in Goth and Throbb start killing pigeons and owls. Brutas, leader of the birds, declares war on the silverwings.

    Silverwing feels like it was written by Disney; It feels like I'm watching one of their movies (I'm aware it was aired by Disney, but the novels were also written by a Canadian). Disney movies are known for their great character development, appealing theme, and flexible enjoyment across all age groups. They also tend to have great execution, and it is really no different here with Silverwing. The pacing is surprisingly excellently done. In fact, it shows why more Disney movies should be turned into TV series instead. And what I mean by this is the actual movies extended into shows, not your average slice of life that Disney does with all its cartoons. The length actually adds both quality and quantity to it (though I doubt they do this since they would probably be making more money off the movies anyways).

    Most western cartoons have a tendency to fly off into filler that have no relevance to the story for the sake of adding episode count, but all the events in Silverwing have meaning and importance to them that will eventually be realized later into the series. To be honest I have never seen a western cartoon that has better pacing than Silverwing. To make a comparison, it feels like Prison Break; how every single little event will make its impact sooner or later in the show, and the adventure part to it is just as comparable.

    What the show does even better is the character development. The cast is actually nothing out of the ordinary if you've ever watched a couple of Disney movies; there's the tyrant who is obsessed with war; the antagonist who is evil and abides to his own will; a clumsy supporting character that is rejected by his own kind; the character who wishes to usurp the leadership of the main group; and of course, Shade and Marina, who are what you would expect from a lead male and female character. What makes this cast an excellent bunch is that the show allows us to get to know each and every one of them and forms a sense of familiarity with them, which is very important in any form of storytelling.

    The only thing that is holding Silverwing back is that it is missing a mean streak. No surprise since it is aimed for children after all, but for older viewers it makes it a bit less appealing. It really isn't evil enough but despite this, Silverwing is one of the better action adventure cartoons you will find animated in the west. It does a lot of things right and little wrong. Its younger viewers will find it much more appealing but for older people who are missing the golden days of cartoons, this is something you can't miss out on.
  • The Silverwing cartoon was excellent.

    It was very refreshing to see an animation with a nice down to earth hand drawn style. Seeing as every new release is falling into the heavy CG I was happily entertained. I haven't seen a cartoon this "truthful" in regards to the ways of how harsh a creatures life can be since "Gargoyles" and the "Rats of Nimh." As I was watching and getting introduced to the characters I picked out some of the widely known voice actors that starred in it. So I believe it's another great "all-star" casts that turned out very well. After it was over it made me want to look for the release date for a sequel. And I'm still hoping.
  • "How One Small Bat Became a Noble Hero. Silver Wing The TV show Like the Best selling book by Kenneth Oppel Is about...

    Silver Wing The TV show Like the Best selling book by Kenneth Oppel ...Is about a young Sliverwing bat named Shade. He's the runt of the Bat Colony and trying to Prove Himself He broke the Big Rule Looking at the Sun... The Owls Set The bat Colony's Tree Haven on Fire. Then They go On a Dangerous winter Migraiton to Hibernaculum, Millions of wingbeats to the south. One night on there Way A Fierce Storms Blows Small Shade away...Thats when His Incredible Journey Starts. Looking for his way home and trying to let bats see the sun. Him meets Strange Cast of Characters A BrightwingBat Named Marina(Who Become his Mate In the Book Sunwing) And Goth a Big Carnivorous Vampire bat. The TV show Only did The book Silverwing But put some Parts of It's Companion SunWing. There Is also the book FireWing wich is about Shade and Marina's son. The cartoon Itself Dose not have a pretty Look to it And is dark. But the book itself is "Dark" so It fixs but I think for anyone to Like this show you should read the books first.
  • One of the only good shows on Toon Disney now.

    I think Silverwing is one of Toon Disney's only good shows, next to Gargoyles, Aladdin & The Little Mermaid. I read somewhere that they're going to take off Silverwing. Lame! It should be on the regular scheduel rather than Jetix, same with Gargoyles. Well, Silverwing's a great show, I say it diserves a second season based on Sunwing. I haven't read the books, but I've read Wikipedia for some spoilers. I repeat, Silverwing is great and should have a second season based on the second book, Sunwing.
  • why? WHY?! BECAUSE IT'S SILVERWING! an amazing show that goes unnoticed by the ignorant eyes of today's youth and media...

    Silverwing is a classic story, 2-D animation, unique plot... the whole package! and yet... no one seems to appreciate this amazing story. personally, I have never read the book however I plan to as soon as I can but after watching the show, I can say that I am quite impressed with the music (it could've been better but I still say it was good) and the overall animation. this isn't a show that draws you in with flashing lights and "cool" effects. Silverwing may not have the gall to try and keep up with today's three dimensional flashy animation but I still respect it... even more so since the animators don't go out of their way to over-do it. I don't appreciate shows that try too hard to draw you in. Silverwing isn't favoured by many people and maybe that's another reason I'm drawn to it... it's not the type of show that says "oh, look at me and my flashy animation and cool music." the plot is also quite easy to follow. it's basically a story where the bats have been forever banned from seeing the sun again... and a young rebellous bat leaves his haven or... "Tree Haven" as they call it to catch a glimpse of the sun, than when he's caught, it ends up costing him his home and eventually his family. poor Shade is separated from his group only to meet up with Marina, who lost her group and determined to help him get back on his feet. unfortunately, Goth and his brother (I can't remember his name at the moment) try to stand in their way... they are cannabal bats who want to eat them obviously. anyways... as I was saying... Shade and Marina are determined to find his group and of course their migration place... Hibernaculum (I'm not sure I spelt that right but...) Shade has to use his supersonic waves to create an ultrasonic map to help guide him back to meet his group. it's a tough journey but the big question now is whether he will be able to make it or not... well... watch the show and find out. trust me... even if you don't like it at first, it's a show that tends to grow on you. like most shows, it holds that quality. it truly is a classic any family can sit down and thouroughly enjoy. tis the classic tale... the classic tale... of Silverwing.

    - Tinker
  • Silverwing is definitely the most interesting TV serie I've ever watched.

    Silverwing is definitely the most interesting TV serie I've ever watched. I started convincing people to watch it or read the books! And it works, the story has been appreciated by many of my friends so far. I'm waiting for these episodes to get out on DVD so I can buy them. And for the show, what could I say? It's the greatest show EVER! Unfortunately, it's pretty unknown for many people. I wish it could become more and more popular. I like the way they made the cartoon, it truly respects the book even if there are some added parts. Kenneth Oppel is an awesome writer, and the awesome Silverwing TV show has been developped by awesome people...
  • A superbly written and animated saga, with great unlikely heroes.

    "Long before the first migration, there raged a Great Battle between the Birds and the Beasts. This was fought to establish the balance of nature and the territorial limits of every species. The bats, being neither birds nor beasts, would not choose sides in the conflict. For this, a law was passed that forever condemned the bats to darkness. One young bat, Shade Silverwing, dared to break the law..."

    Vanocouver's Bardel Entertainment began working on developing Kenneth Oppel's "Silverwing" young adult novels into a feature film. Along the way, they decided a feature just wouldn't do. Oppel's series about the coming-of-age of a bat named Shade, would need more room to spread its wings out in. The popular book series then was evolved into a 13-episode half-hour serial, launched this fall on Teletoon.

    Shade, the lead in the series, is the fatherless runt of the colony, and is determined to challenge the rules, to prove himself. Offended that Shade dared to look into the sun, General Brutus, Commander of the Owls demands Shade be handed over, a scarifice for his own crimes. Frieda, the Silverwing's head elder, refuses to comply with the owl's demands, causing the Owls to firebomb the bats' summer home, Tree Haven. The nursing roost, mystic Echo Chamber, and their migratory home are destroyed. And so the premiere episode ends with shamed Shade not realizing the battle has barely even started.

    The series follows Shade and fellow exile Marina, in what director Keith Ingham accurately calls "an epic story of trial, tribulation and discovery." Kenneth Oppel and Bardel Entertaioment have truely creates a wonderfully unique and epic story for the small screen. Just the concept of bats as the heroes is enough to set this slightly gothic cartoon aside from the rest.

    Author Oppel comments that "[Bats are] nocturnal, subterrainean, dangerous, strangely beautiful... and of course, a creature that was considered monsterous and freakish, and had never been written about before. It was new territory, always exciting for the writer. Bats offered a new way of seeing the world, a new set of eyes and ears to experience a story."

    The content is age appropriate, and the violence and language in the episodes I've seen hasn't been indulgent or gratuitous. The animation itself is of the quality you could expect from a feature, with strong, unique designs, interesting location design, and good animation. Oppel himself mentioned that he was excited, fascinated and flattered "to see how other talented artists render visually characters I created with words."

    In all Oppel and Bardel have won their momentuous risk, creating highly likeable, attractive and believable characters of wretched, demonesque monsters. Oppel noted that "once readers understand that Shade is a runty, insecure, curious, insistent kid, they immediately feel a kinship with him, and stop thinking so much about his physiognomy."

    As one of the many people on this green planet who has a dire hate for bats, I will confess to being easily won over even in this aspect. The Silverwing trilogy even bumped that lightning-bolt-scarred wizard from the top of the Canadian children's bestsellers' list in May 2002, holding first, second and fourth places. While this accounts for lots of the series popularity, it wouldn't be hard to say that many more have only just be won over by the series.
  • It's a race against time when a young bat who broke the law and saw the sun is in for the fight of his life. Seperated from his colony, it's a matter of time before Shade and Marina must find them and warn them of cannibals, wolves, and war.

    I've grown up with the magic that Silverwing brings from mysterious Silverwing, enlightning Sunwing, and the sheer wonder of Firewing. I would reccomend anyone who has been the same as me, no matter where you are in the world, to watch this adaptation of a classic Canadian saga. The graphics: Well done with a great mixture of 3D and 2D animation, plus a personal touch that can only be seen in this series. The music: Cutting edge! It matches the mood, tone, and general persona of Silverwing (too bad there isn't a soundtrack for sale). The plot: Although parts did stray from the books a bit, I still think they are of high quality and worthy to them. It's a sad thing that not many have had an oppertunity to see it, as it's a must watch, and will change on the way you see bats and the legends that surround them.
  • A truly incredible achievement in Canadian animation with thrilling chases, epic battles and a highly inspirational protagonist. Silverwing blends all of these elements with the same creativity and passion as the best-selling book series.

    Silverwing the animated series combines the suspense and action that made the original award-winning book one of the finest in Canada with cutting-edge animation and a dynamic musical score. With two teenaged bats who know no fear, two cruel and cunning cannibal bats, a shy but brave owl cadet and a host of other appealing characters, a winning formula is produced. Throughout the course of his first migration, Shade Silverwing discovers that in spite of being the runt of his generation, he possesses the courage and nobility of a true leader and ultimately leads his bat colony to victory against the murderous cannibal bats from the South. While the show is mostly derived from the first book in Kenneth Oppel's series, it also contains some wonderful enhancements derived from the second book, "Sunwing". Particularly, the presence of a highly appealing owl named Orestes, who while traveling with Shade and Marina Brightwing, comes to realize his own prowess in spite of being a runt in his own flock. Since its debut in 2003, the series has garnered a loyal fan base, but the promise of a second season appears to have been broken to the fans. It is a show with a high level of appeal and innovation and yet it has inexplicably fallen short of achieving similar popularity as the book series, with the exception of a Gemini Award nomination in 2004. The only real problem with the show is that it does not fully convey its own special qualities. Silverwing is and always will be a truly incredible show, but sadly, not enough people were given the opportunity to realize that.
  • Woah

    The best dramatic cartoon series i have ever seen, the only flaw about it is that it only has 13 episodes and could not continue on to Sunwing and Firewing, the show is not as good as the book though, but i still say this is definately without a doubt my #1 favourite show, next to Family Guy and The Simpsons!!