Season 1 Episode 11

Strange Batfellows

Aired Sunday 4:00 PM Nov 16, 2003 on TELETOON
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Strange Batfellows
Shade and Marina heave a sigh of relief when the shadow turns out to be Orestes. However, the reunion turns tense when Shade and Marina learn that Brutus is also trying to find Hibernaculum. With Goth and Throbb nowhere to be found, the three friends set off again in hopes of finding Hibernaculum before the owls or cannibals. Bathsheba pleasantly announces to the Silverwing colony that Frieda died in the wind tunnel, but is left shocked when Frieda arrives with Mercury and Ariel. Once the Silverwings resume their migration, they find themselves pursued by owls, but the colony refuses to follow Bathsheba when she tells them to go back to the woods. Instead, they follow Frieda to a nearby tree, where they avoid detection. In the process, Bathsheba is relieved of her leadership duties and Frieda is reinstated. Shade, Marina and Orestes stop to rest near an abandoned silver mine after a slight misinterpretation of Shade's sound map. Unfortunately, Shade alerts a nearby Throbb to their presence when he creates an echoprojection of Goth. Both cannibal bats chase Shade, Marina and Orestes into the rickety mine; Goth goes after Shade while Throbb pursues Marina and Orestes. After evading the cannibals for several minutes, Throbb has a run-in with an ore cart, causing it to roll through the tunnel, smashing the support beams and creating a cave-in. Trapped inside cheek to jowl, Shade makes Goth swear on Zotz to let them go if he helps him escape the mine while Orestes and Marina baby-sit an unconscious Throbb. While moving heavy rocks, Goth vents his feelings on the survival of the weak and describes Cama Zotz to Shade. Shade cannot believe anyone could feel the way Goth does about the world, bt keeps his wits about him as they continue working on the rocks. Once the tunnel to freedom is clear, Goth shows no intention of honouring his word by taking Shade hostage. But Shade, remembering Goth's earlier description of Zotz, creates an echoprojection of the king of darkness right before Goth's eyes! Thinking it real, 'Zotz' has no trouble convincing him to honour his word by letting Shade go and makes the giant bat beg him for mercy. Leaving Goth in a state of shock and terror, Shade escapes the mine with Marina and Orestes. The three leave the area and stop in a tree to celebrate their great escape, but are horrified when they see Brutus' forces gathering above.moreless

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