Simon & Simon

Season 8 Episode 1

Beauty and Deceased

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1988 on CBS

Episode Recap

An old friend of the Simons, Beth, shows up in their office after finding a blackmail note given to one of the beauty contestants in her pageant. She's responsible for the pageant going off smoothly, so she wants the Simons to go undercover and find out who is being blackmailed by whom. With a sparkle in his eye, Rick decides that AJ will enter as a contestant while he will show up as a judge. AJ is less than happy about it, especially the swimsuit competition, but grudgingly agrees to do it. Things get more serious when the pageant host stumbles upon the blackmailer being beaten by two toughs. The blackmailer, realizing the host must have heard that he owed money to a loan shark, kills him. A pageant contestant finds the body and is immediately suspected of being the murderer. It turns out that she was the one being blackmailed because she was kicked out of her family for being an unmarried mother. The Simons don't believe she's guilty and get Abby to give them 48 hours to find the real killer before letting news of the murder go public.
When AJ is nearly killed by a falling mirrored disco ball, the brothers know they're getting close. They eventually discover that the blackmailer and now killer is one of the three judges of the contest, but not before AJ has to go through the embarrassment of the pageant.
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