Simon & Simon

Season 3 Episode 10

Betty Grable Flies Again

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1983 on CBS

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  • A II WW former old pilot hires the Simon brothers to find his old combat plane, a Mitchell B25 called Betty Grable. His crew stoled the plane and forced him to jump out of. Forty years after, he wants to recover it.

    A very funny episode with fun, adventures and jokes. It's a good episode to see just for fun. Very amazing and different. The combination of the Simon brothers with the old pilot called "Irish", a little bit mad, it's funny. The usual dresses are present in this episode, with AJ playing the role of a former German soldier -with a horrible English- looking for a plane to accomplish his mission.
    It's a good episode-tribute to all the soldiers of the IIWW. And a good opportunity to see how it's a Mitchell B25, flying again sixty years later! Funny and amazing.