Simon & Simon

Season 8 Episode 8

Cloak of Danger

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1988 on CBS



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    • Chachi's Review:

      This is one of those episodes you know you're not going to get a great warm and fuzzy feeling all over, but if you hang in there, you know that it will tickle your funny bone because from the get-go you can see Rick has all the funny lines. I will admit that he usually does, after all, it's his comments and AJ's double-take looks back at him that are so endearing to all of us.
      When AJ was reading his play to his mother and Rick, the two of them looked like they couldn't stand another minute of it. Cece trying not to stumble on her words telling AJ that it is a "piece" and Rick echoing "a piece of-" only to be stopped abruptly by his mother yelling his name. At this point I had to witness once again what I really hate - AJ yelling back at Rick that he didn't like it because he was not a part of it. It seemed that Rick was just trying to be funny, he wasn't trying to hurt his brother, but as soon as the murder took place, the "protective" Rick took over. He was even funny then, telling Abby "don't you think he feels bad enough, he wrote the play".
      Speaking of Abby, what was her problem? All they did was come walking into the room and she went spastic. I'm sorry I just don't get her character. Now Rick is suppose to go unnoticed as he is now security, but being Rick, he had to butt in and give his advice, whereas he finds a bomb.
      This starts off a whole new line of Rickisms- The cop asks, "Who do you think did it?". "Critic," Rick answers. What was funnier than his part in the play?. I just love how he gets lost into something like a little kid. Wanting to walk with a limp, and telling AJ not to wish him good luck, then you hear a crash in the background. So much for theater traditions!. When there was no body for him to discover, and he was reciting "Lady named Lou", the faces on the audience were hysterical. Well, while AJ did save his face and slid in to be the body, Rick bowing over and over was just too funny. Another point I have to make is why does AJ have to fall for everyone he meets?. I don't know why the writers want to make him appear like he's not fussy about who he meets. All in all, out of 5 stars, I did give it 5, because it was light, whimsical and fun.

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