Simon & Simon

Season 1 Episode 1

Details at Eleven

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1981 on CBS
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Details at Eleven
Rick and A.J. are hired by Helena Christian to find her daughter, Carolyn Perry, who has been missing for three days. Rick and A.J. manage to trace Carolyn to Mexico, where it turns out that she has some information that could seriously hurt her step-father Wade's plans to run for city council. Carolyn needs Rick and A.J.'s help to elude the men searching for her, and A.J. needs to convince their mother to help them with the case.moreless

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  • Off to a good start

    This episode, which I'm guessing might have been filmed as a second pilot for the series (the first pilot was set in Florida, and large portions of it were later incorporated as flashbacks in the two-part season two episode entitled "Pirate's Key") works well as an introduction to the series. Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker are already in character as the Simon brothers, and their low-key banter was in place from the beginning. Their differences are established in their dress, speaking styles, and Rick's desire for time off, contrasted with AJ's efforts to push him to be more responsible. There are some nice character-defining moments, such as when the cops show up at Carolyn's apartment and Rick simply "assumes the position," and also the bargaining over which of the two of them is going to call Mom to pick them up after they sneak across the border. In this episode, the viewer learns what was going on from the beginning, so we know who the villain is right away. The quest of our heroes is not figuring out a mystery, but rather (1) finding Carolyn and (2) assisting her in her efforts to bring her stepfather to justice.

    In relatively brief appearances in the episode, Cecilia Simon is largely limited to sternness and Myron Fowler to gruffness (and a truly horrific fashion sense!) ; both characters became more three-dimensional as the series continued. Janet Fowler's character possesses a fuller depth than the other secondary characters, and her legs are given special attention, including being the first thing that we saw in the episode.

    Back story revelation:

    Myron trained AJ as an investigator.


    The idea of Carolyn hiding the records she stole from her stepfather is fine, but there are lots of problems with the execution. The location number for the book is 720.794 A.261 . Janet identifies this as the Dewey Decimal System number, but it seems to have too many letters in it to follow the Dewey system. Also, the 720 section is supposed to be about architecture, but not only does this not apply to the book she used (Encyclopedia Americana, vol. 20, which should have been shelved with the other volumes of the set), it is shelved next to books entitled American Independence and Business Law.

    Carolyn comments that she felt certain no one would check out the book, because it hadn't been checked out in six months. That doesn't seem to me a long enough time to feel safe that no one else would check it out. If she had looked further, I'm sure she could have found one that hadn't been checked out in years.

    (The above may seem obsessive to you, but hey, I'm an academic, and I care about these things!)

    The episode places a San Diego State University dormitory and the University of California-San Diego library (which is as distinctive a structure as you're ever going to find) on the same campus.

    Twice, Wade Christian offers Simon & Simon a bonus if they find Carolyn by Friday. Why did no one think to question why the speed of finding her was important?

    Some discontinuities between this episode and the on-going series:

    Both the Simon & Simon and Peerless Detectives offices were located in different buildings than they were in later episodes.

    Rick's boat was in a marina, rather than parked next to AJ's house.

    Miscellaneous points:

    Business clearly was not booming for Simon & Simon, because AJ was excited to have a second client within the span of a month. (Alas, they were destined not to be paid for this

    Marlowe is present (albeit unnamed) from the beginning of the series.

    This episode includes quite a few location shots in San Diego and Baja Mexico.

    The episode marks the first of several guest star appearances by Richard Yniguez.

    I can't remember any other show offering a view of Peter Graves in a wet bathing suit.

    "I want you to know that I get paid extra for breaking and entering. " Rick, Details at Elevenmoreless
Markie Post

Markie Post

Carolyn Perry

Guest Star

Peter Graves

Peter Graves

Wade Christian

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Sharon Acker

Sharon Acker

Helena Christian

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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Cecilia Simon: This trouble you're in, is either one of them responsible?
      Carolyn Perry: No.
      Cecilia Simon: Then don't you worry. My boys will take care of it for you.

    • Rick Simon: Look, we gotta have somebody stateside waiting there to pick us up when we get back.
      A.J. Simon: (comprehension dawns) Oh, no.
      Rick Simon: You're gonna have to do it.
      A.J. Simon: Oh, come on. Why do I have to do it?
      Rick Simon: Because she likes you better.
      A.J. Simon: Oh, that's nonsense.
      Rick Simon: That is not nonsense. She always has and she always will
      A.J. Simon: Come on, Rick. You were paranoid when you were ten, you're paranoid now.
      Rick Simon: A.J., get your butt in there!
      A.J. Simon: (on the phone in the bar) Hi, Mom.

    • (Rick wonders if A.J. showed Mrs. Porter the pictures they took of her husband.)
      Rick Simon: Did you give her the pictures?
      A.J. Simon: No, I didn't.
      Rick Simon: Oh, you've got a kind heart.
      A.J. Simon: I know. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really your brother.
      Rick Simon: Well, according to Mom, you're not.

    • Myron Fowler: (regarding Rick and A.J.) Sweetheart, they take you seriously because there's just one thing they want from you.
      Janet Fowler: (fondly) Yeah, I know. Aren't they cute?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Although their pictures do not appear in the opening credits, Jeannie Wilson, Mary Carver and Eddie Barth are also listed as starring in the series, with their names being listed in each episode after the title displays on screen, and before the guest stars are listed.

    • The opening theme for this episode included a number of shots of the two brothers, with each one being identified by their surname in a shot before the 'Simon & Simon' logo came up. This was the only episode to use that opening.

    • This episode aired in the UK on the ITV contractor Thames Television at 11.30pm on Tuesday 19 July 1983.


    • Rick Simon: Okay, we'll get back to you. Details at eleven.

      For many years, the phrase 'details at eleven' was used during television shows when showing sneak peeks of that night's evening news which, on most stations, runs at 11:00 PM.