Simon & Simon

Season 1 Episode 1

Details at Eleven

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1981 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Cecilia Simon: This trouble you're in, is either one of them responsible?
      Carolyn Perry: No.
      Cecilia Simon: Then don't you worry. My boys will take care of it for you.

    • Rick Simon: Look, we gotta have somebody stateside waiting there to pick us up when we get back.
      A.J. Simon: (comprehension dawns) Oh, no.
      Rick Simon: You're gonna have to do it.
      A.J. Simon: Oh, come on. Why do I have to do it?
      Rick Simon: Because she likes you better.
      A.J. Simon: Oh, that's nonsense.
      Rick Simon: That is not nonsense. She always has and she always will
      A.J. Simon: Come on, Rick. You were paranoid when you were ten, you're paranoid now.
      Rick Simon: A.J., get your butt in there!
      A.J. Simon: (on the phone in the bar) Hi, Mom.

    • (Rick wonders if A.J. showed Mrs. Porter the pictures they took of her husband.)
      Rick Simon: Did you give her the pictures?
      A.J. Simon: No, I didn't.
      Rick Simon: Oh, you've got a kind heart.
      A.J. Simon: I know. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really your brother.
      Rick Simon: Well, according to Mom, you're not.

    • Myron Fowler: (regarding Rick and A.J.) Sweetheart, they take you seriously because there's just one thing they want from you.
      Janet Fowler: (fondly) Yeah, I know. Aren't they cute?

  • Notes

    • Although their pictures do not appear in the opening credits, Jeannie Wilson, Mary Carver and Eddie Barth are also listed as starring in the series, with their names being listed in each episode after the title displays on screen, and before the guest stars are listed.

    • The opening theme for this episode included a number of shots of the two brothers, with each one being identified by their surname in a shot before the 'Simon & Simon' logo came up. This was the only episode to use that opening.

    • This episode aired in the UK on the ITV contractor Thames Television at 11.30pm on Tuesday 19 July 1983.

  • Allusions

    • Rick Simon: Okay, we'll get back to you. Details at eleven.

      For many years, the phrase 'details at eleven' was used during television shows when showing sneak peeks of that night's evening news which, on most stations, runs at 11:00 PM.