Simon & Simon

CBS (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Details at Eleven
      Rick and A.J. are hired by Helena Christian to find her daughter, Carolyn Perry, who has been missing for three days. Rick and A.J. manage to trace Carolyn to Mexico, where it turns out that she has some information that could seriously hurt her step-father Wade's plans to run for city council. Carolyn needs Rick and A.J.'s help to elude the men searching for her, and A.J. needs to convince their mother to help them with the case.moreless
    • Love, Christy
      Episode 2
      Rick lets lust rule his decision making when he accepts a case from a co-ed named Christy who hires him to find her stolen Porsche within twenty-four hours. What Christy doesn't tell the brothers is that there was a copy of the next day's final exam in her car. Rick uses one of his old contacts, Manuel, to get a lead on a chop shop that deals in high end cars, but when Manuel's help leads Rick and A.J. to a chop shop specialising in Porsches, Rick and A.J. are on their own.moreless
    • Trapdoors
      Episode 3
      Terry McDaniels is using a trapdoor to access the bank's computer system and funnel money out, leading vice-manager Paul Scully to hire the Simon brothers to find out how he is doing, claiming to have the boy's best interests at heart. Although A.J. accepts Scully at face value, Rick is convinced that Scully isn't everything that he seems.moreless
    • 12/17/81
      A worried mother, Margie, hires Rick and A.J. to locate her missing daughter, Irene Gaines. She is convinced that her ex-husband Steve took their daughter. The brothers head to Mexico in search of Steve and find him only too willing to return the little girl. He wants the boys to take information back with them that could send his employers to prison for a long time.moreless
    • 12/29/81
      Rick and A.J. are hired to investigate the death of Hal, an animal keeper at a local zoo. After finding drugs in his apartment, they go undercover at the zoo. They become very suspicious of their client, Frye, after learning of his connection to one of the zoo's major benefactors, the Kenner Foundation.moreless
    • 1/5/82
      Rick and A.J. receive a letter in the mail that was originally sent twenty-three years earlier, but contains a clue to the murder of the letter writer, who died the day after he mailed it. As they investigate, they soon learn that Conrad Viorst's death is also connected to the death of a burger baron who died that same year, and Conrad's now-grown daughter Andrea is endangered by the investigation. The brothers are convinced that taco baron Ben Dodge is behind everything, but they need to find proof.moreless
    • 1/12/82
      After Rick and A.J.'s cousin, Diane, is unable to buy tickets to a sold-out Rick Brewster concert, Cecilia orders her sons to pick her niece up the four tickets. Rick and A.J. run across thousands of tickets that aren't supposed to exist for seats that don't seem to exist. Due to Rick's earlier attempts to schmooze the musician's publicist, Rick and A.J. are believed to be the culprits behind the fake tickets. The brothers set out to find out why someone would create that many ticket forgeries.moreless
    • Immediately after Rick and A.J. serve a man with divorce papers, he appears to have committed suicide. They decide to take a closer look at the man's death.
    • 1/26/82
      Myron hires Rick and A.J. when one of his operatives removes a confidential file from his office and he wants to know why.
    • Earth to Stacey
      Episode 10
      When Rick's truck is repossessed, he goes looking for a new client. He finds a jilted bride and trying to find her runaway groom. The problems are that she was one of Myron's clients and they find more trouble than the case is worth.
    • Double Entry
      Episode 11
      Rick and A.J. are hired to find out if the client's husband is having an affair, with the company's accountant. Only their investigation reveals what the accountant is really up to.
    • Matchmaker
      Episode 12
      While Rick and A.J. are trying to recover stolen antiques, they inadvertently uncover a robbery scheme within a dating service. The other glitch is the insurance agent has her eye on A.J. and a not-so good track record with the brothers.
    • 3/16/82
      Their former high school teacher asks Rick and A.J. to find some missing classmates for the class reunion, the search for Rick's class president takes them into unsuspected trouble.
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