Simon & Simon

Season 9 Episode 1

In Trouble Again

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1995 on CBS

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  • A very good movie as far as I\'m concerned. Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker did an awesome job portraying their characters, considering it had been six or seven years since they had last played them.

    I loved the movie. Not the best I\'ve ever seen, but it was good for a T.V. reunion.

    My favorite part was when Rick was in bed with the lady and her husband came storming in. Rick had to race downstairs, grab a kilt, and then steal a horse to get away. The whole subplot with the husband was interesting.

    The A.J./Janet plot was sort of sad -- I really enjoyed the chemistry Jeannie Wilson and Jameson had, both in the series and in the movie. I wish they had stayed together, but that really wouldn\'t have worked.

    The title of the movie was very apt. Too bad they couldn\'t have continued making movies.

    All in all, a very enjoyable conclusion to the adventures of Rick and A.J.