Simon & Simon

Season 6 Episode 21

Lost Lady

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1987 on CBS

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  • Janet Fowler, AJ's former fiancee, is hospitalized after being given an overdose of a synthetic drug. Not only does she not remember what happened, she doesn't remember AJ!

    The show focuses on part of what made Simon & Simon so likable - they come together as a family when they need to. AJ, Rick, and their mom, Cecilia, seem so genuine in their concern and desire to help. AJ's loss seems palpable at times.

    The episode also shows flashbacks of their romance and the relationship between Janet and Rick. The flashbacks are cleverly done - showing AJ with longer hair, Janet looking younger, and Rick playing Skipper!

    The episode also provides some back history that newer viewers may not have known. Well done, and of course with the requisite happy (or is it?) ending.