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  • Two brothers with extremely different personalities work as private investigators in San Diego

    What made this show so special:

    1. The brothers--and that's due to the concept, the writing, and the two actors and their chemistry. While Rick and AJ looked too different to actually be brothers (and I loved the line from an episode where Rick explained that as "Same father, different moods"), they sure *acted* like brothers. The arguments, the teasing, the competitions--but when one of them needed the others, they were right there. That brotherly relationship is the fundamental attribute that set this apart from any other detective show.

    2. The humor--and a lot of that came from the brothers' relationship. For the most part, it was humor that stemmed from the personalities of the characters, which made it very real.

    3. The supporting cast, regular and irregular. Cecilia Simon was the mainstay, of course, and it was wonderful to see grown men dealing on a regular basis with their mother, who, despite constant reasons to be perturbed with them, loved them unconditionally. Downtown Brown was my favorite of the "sidekicks" over the years, perhaps in part because he wasn't always *doing* favors for the Simons--sometimes the favors were going his direction. I liked Janet Fowler and her (mostly) no-nonsense way of dealing with the Simons, and it was a interesting re-working of a character established as fiancee in the original pilot set in Florida, but I don't think that she and Myron, her father, ever fit in as well as Town did. The introduction of Abigail Marsh as a cop who wasn't going to let the Simons get away with what they had with Town was interesting, but she was mellowed out rather quickly.

    There was also the "irregular" cast, of whom my favorite has to be Raj, the emergency room doctor. One could argue, however, that the most important of these was a character we actually *saw* very little of--Rick's friend Carlos.

    4. The San Diego setting--so wonderful to see a detective show set somewhere other than New York or Los Angeles! I know that they did most of their filming in LA, but there were enough shots of SD to give the show a feel of actually being there. I wonder how it would have been if they had stuck with the original pilot setting of Florida. When I went to SD a number of years ago, one of the highlights was finding the red brick building where their office was supposedly located in the later years of the show.

    I'm not a fan of current detective and cop shows--too much gore, too dark, and too little on day-to-day relationships. Simon & Simon is an underrated gem from a time when TV did cop/detective shows right.

  • Hmmmm.....

    In retrospect, this program was awesome! Lots of TV, paid even movie theater, does not dull this writing & creative endeavor. Lots of the programming today has so much (drama + cheese) that it makes Simon & Simon look With such a BOSS vehicle, who could argue with the style the '80s producers lodged. I'm not a huge Dodge fan, but the "top-end-torque" on the Power Wagon probably kilt a woman in San Francisco!
  • McRaney the cat killer

    McRaney is now a sick old man, killing African wildlife for fun and paying dodgy operators for it that are very likely linked to unpaid poaching also.

    Hendrickson Hunting, LLC

    24 January 2013

    This leopard was taken by Gerald McRaney, star of Simon and Simon, with my outfitter. If I don't take one on this hunt, I will go back in 2014.

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  • i watch simon&simon bcause of the way television show was back in the 80's it seems to have more action then the shows that are being broadcast today. it's very funny,but also serious side of crime/drama and the brothers of cailforina. detectives.

    simon&simon is like the early days of prison break to me, but i remembered it when i was young, and it was on CBS TV. it was all there was on at the time after maginum pi. on CBS. and it was the big deal back then when was on cbs. i watch it now and look back on the way it was and diffrent then it is now.and this show still has the same thrills as it was back in the 80's when it was new. all in a nut shell a great show and thanks for memories great.
  • Sleuth channel, thank you for giving us the opportunity to watch this great show once again!

    The 80s were wonderful time in television for action, adventure, animation, comedy, and of course, mystery. This show is right up there with Magnum, P.I. as one of the best. Dynamic writing, effective use of plot and strong character development gave Rick and AJ Simon personalities all their own. One of the greatest episodes that best shows this is the series finale, where the brothers take on their final case in the series (until they come back for a reunion movie in 1995). Bittersweet as it was, they dealt with losing out in love, going through life day-to-day as private investigators. But no matter what, they have always been and always stick with each other through thick and thin. Each case they take through out the show's run brings them closer as siblings, as well as the friends and people they meet along the way that give them the courage and strength to be able to take on anything.

    It's not easy for me to explain each of the many details that I've enjoyed about this series, but I am thankful to finally be able to see this show on the Sleuth channel after a long absence from television. I highly suggest anyone who has this channel to watch all of the many mystery/p.i. shows the network offers. You'll be glad you did.
  • Two brothers working together as detectives.

    I was not born when this show was on TV. I just happened on it when I was watching the extra episodes on my Magnum, P.I. season one box set. I thought the episode was great. I asked my mom about Simon and Simon, and she told me that it was like Magnum, P.I. as in it was a detective show about two brothers.

    Well, I found the first season of Simon and Simon on DVD, and I watched every single episode. I love it! This is a great show.

    The show follows two brothers, Rick and AJ Simon, as they try to work together in their detective agency. They have totally different personalities than the other one. AJ is more clean cut. He wears suits, he is into old cars, and he is more of the business type. Rick on the other hand is the total oppisite of his brother. He would rather wear blue jeans and a t-shirt, go fishing, and he would rather play his guitar.

    Some how this two seem to be able to work together without a lot of trouble between the two of them. This was and is a great show that the whole family could watch. I know I would have loved this show if I was around when it was on.

    Overall, this is a great show, and we need to have shows on now that were more like this one.
  • Awesome show from the 80's era.

    What a blast from the past. They don\'t make shows this enjoyable anymore!! I hope Universal DVD releases all the remaining seasons on DVD soon. Rick and AJ were what all red blooded american kids wanted to be like during the 80\'s. They were tough and always got the job done. They were gentlemenly ladies men and always kicked a little butt in the process. The show was best with Janet, Towne, and Marlowe the Mutt. However, I\'d take them all with GM and JP. This was when TV was clean and worth watching. I hope Sleuth plays all the episodes.
  • the show about two brothers that are detectives...that lasted eight years.

    i haven't seen that many episodes of simon and simon but i know that it is a decent show to watch . now that thev've taken it off of Dejaview i don't think i will see many more episodea especiaaly if there is 8 seaons. i think for a show like that to go on for 8 years and then make 2 movies after wwrds is just amazing .it has 2 of my favourite actors on it Gerald McCraney and Jameson Parker. i haven't seen Jameson Parker in a while but i watch Gerald every wednesday night on Jericho. Later.
  • More than just brothers, they're best of friends.

    A great show I watched when I was younger. Recently brought back by Sleuth TV. Now everyone can enjoy a fast witted comedy about two brothers who are detectives. Lots of great stars, and want-to-be stars, passed through this show at one time or another. Always plenty of good comedy, puns and beautiful women. Sometimes it was a little campy or a little hard to believe, but you don't watch for the plausibility. You watch for the entertainment. A.J. & Rick deliver fast jabs of comedy and wit every episode. It is just as enjoyable now as it was then. Some of the fun is the huge change in technology between now and then, especially the computers and phones. So sit back and be entertained.
  • Time to remake this series

    In today's world of crime dramas, I think it might be the right time to remake Simon and Simon. This was a fun show which I only starred to enjoy in last season. Two brothers (completely different from one another) as Private Eyes. I sometimes thinkt hey should have called their agency, The Odd Couple Detective Agency as these two were complete opposites of each other but yet they managed to work together well and always seem to get the bad guy. Maybe it was also the fact that I lived just outside San Diego and could see myself going across the Coronado Bridge or drinking it up down in TJ but whatever it was, I enjoyed the series.
  • A really good detective show set in San Diego, California. Both brothers were really good and the rest of the cast was decent also. The show also had very good writing.

    A really good detective show set in San Diego, California. Both brothers were really good and the rest of the cast was decent also. The show also had very good writing. This was a pretty good television series. As is normal with good television shows, this one did not last long enough. This is a show that I would suggest watching if you get the chance. Check the bargain bins at Wal-Mart, the online movies sites ( and such) and all of the cable channels that run old shows. Nick at Nite and TV Land are great for theses kind of shows. They will even do a week long spot for shows that only had 6 or so episodes. Then you have your super stations. They run a bunch of old shows too. All in all a pretty good show that did not get a good enough chance. Sometimes it is a simple as the show it is up against. Look at Law & Order. It is one of the longest running shows on TV. They moved it to go up against Lost. After about 2 weeks of getting pounded in the ratings it was moved back to it's original time slot. Shows like this should be given more of an opportunity.
  • This summary will be replaced with a Show Review soon.

    (Will Be Replaced With A Show Review Soon) It's Art for Forgery's Sake in this episode. The boys get hired by another crazy client to resolve unfinished business. This time it's an art publicist looking to relive past wild times with an old boyfriend. Her current boyfriend is a bit too staid and predictible for her. But she comes to appreciate those qualites when she finds out Terry/Carol is a rat, a swindler, and a murderer.

    The case itself isn't much to write home about. The Simons get to engage in not one, but two knock-down fights that trash both an art gallery and their office. Modern Art pretensions and 80's Yuppie consummerism get a mild skewering. The most fun of the ep is Cecilia giving her boys a gentle poke in the ribs over their lack of permenant romantic attachments and the way they fall over themselves to prove her wrong.

    A kind of disappointing end to a fun, fascinating, popular, long-running series. Well, there's always the tv movies. And hopefully Universal has it in queue for a DVD box set.
  • Just watched my first couple of episodes, and now I'm in love! Everyone tune into TVLand to watch it!

    Well, I have to say that I am enjoying this series. I caught it on TVLand, and now I seem to be hooked. I can't wait to watch more! I absolutely love the relationship between A.J. and Rick. It's so nice to see a family oriented show. My mom thinks it's funny that I've never seen it, but everyone knows I can't turn away from a good detective story! This one should have been a keeper! Bring it back!
  • Greatest serie of the 80's

    Simon and Simon is one of my favorites of the 80\'s.
    When will the episodes be released on dvd? I\'m desperatly waiting for it. Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker were fantastic in playing different character of brothers. This sense of humor was great and the actors did great. Wishing all the fans the best....
  • I've always enjoyed the wonderful chemistry between Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker playing the beloved Simon brothers. Even with the many changes the occurred over the years, their chemistry never wavered.

    I didn't discover "Simon & Simon" until 1995 in syndication, although my parents tell me that I used to sit in the room with them while they watched when I was a child. At any rate, this show has been my favorite for the past 10 1/2 years now.

    I've always enjoyed the wonderful chemistry between Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker playing the beloved Simon brothers. Even with the many changes the occurred over the years, their chemistry never wavered.

    Mary Carver was wonderful as Cecilia, the independent, opinionated mother of the two title characters.

    The character of Downtown Brown was a good balance for the antics of the Simons, and I believe that the years Tim Reid was a part of the show may well have been the best of the series. I never was a fan of Abigail Marsh who took Town's place, but in all fairness, that was a difficult act to follow.

    I really wish there were shows like this on television. I definitely miss the crime shows with a touch of humor that were produced in the '70s and '80s.
  • Rick and AJ Simon are brothers and also happen to be private investigators.

    One of the best shows on TV ever. The cast menbers work so well with each other. The best team-ups were Rick, AJ and Downtown Brown. The way they went at it all the time but in the end they were the best friends who you could always count on. I repeat one of the best shows on TV. BAR NONE, period.
  • Best show of the 80's. Highly underrated!!! Still miss it 25 years later. McRaney should have gotten an Emmy for "I Thought The War Was Over". Entire cast was perfect. Well, I would have kept Janet and done away with Abby. A definite 10!

    This is the only show I have ever loved. The only show I have ever taped. The only show I have ever watched over and over until I practically memorized every episode. Great chemistry between McRaney and Parker! The show brought me lots of joy. I sure do miss it.
    Loved the mix of drama and comedy in a lot of the episodes. Loved the banter between Rick and AJ. Without that, and McRaney and Parker, I don't think the show would have been as successful as it was. Enjoyed Janet, Town, Jerry Reiner and Raj as supporting characters very much as well. Enjoyed the writing of Richard Chapman, Michael Pillar, Phil DeGuere, Bill Dial and Richard C. Okie among others. Class act all the way! Thanks to all who put their time, energy, and love into the show.