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  • Two brothers working together as detectives.

    I was not born when this show was on TV. I just happened on it when I was watching the extra episodes on my Magnum, P.I. season one box set. I thought the episode was great. I asked my mom about Simon and Simon, and she told me that it was like Magnum, P.I. as in it was a detective show about two brothers.

    Well, I found the first season of Simon and Simon on DVD, and I watched every single episode. I love it! This is a great show.

    The show follows two brothers, Rick and AJ Simon, as they try to work together in their detective agency. They have totally different personalities than the other one. AJ is more clean cut. He wears suits, he is into old cars, and he is more of the business type. Rick on the other hand is the total oppisite of his brother. He would rather wear blue jeans and a t-shirt, go fishing, and he would rather play his guitar.

    Some how this two seem to be able to work together without a lot of trouble between the two of them. This was and is a great show that the whole family could watch. I know I would have loved this show if I was around when it was on.

    Overall, this is a great show, and we need to have shows on now that were more like this one.
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