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CBS (ended 1988)





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  • Sleuth channel, thank you for giving us the opportunity to watch this great show once again!

    The 80s were wonderful time in television for action, adventure, animation, comedy, and of course, mystery. This show is right up there with Magnum, P.I. as one of the best. Dynamic writing, effective use of plot and strong character development gave Rick and AJ Simon personalities all their own. One of the greatest episodes that best shows this is the series finale, where the brothers take on their final case in the series (until they come back for a reunion movie in 1995). Bittersweet as it was, they dealt with losing out in love, going through life day-to-day as private investigators. But no matter what, they have always been and always stick with each other through thick and thin. Each case they take through out the show's run brings them closer as siblings, as well as the friends and people they meet along the way that give them the courage and strength to be able to take on anything.

    It's not easy for me to explain each of the many details that I've enjoyed about this series, but I am thankful to finally be able to see this show on the Sleuth channel after a long absence from television. I highly suggest anyone who has this channel to watch all of the many mystery/p.i. shows the network offers. You'll be glad you did.