Simon & Simon - Season 2

CBS (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Rick and A.J. have more than they can handle when they accept a job transporting a huge man who was placed in a mental institution by his brother. Only they find out he is as gentle as a lamb and the trouble they run makes them enlist the help of their very huge friend.moreless
  • Red Dog Blues
    Episode 21
    When Janet is assigned to her first murder case, she wants Rick and A.J. to help her build an airtight case, but they've already been hired by the opposition-the accused man's defense attorney.
  • Room 3502
    Episode 20
    A panic sticken husband comes to the Simons when he finds his wife has vanished from their hotel room overnight.
  • The Secret of the Chrome Eagle
    Rick and A.J. are hired to transport a valuable classic car, a 1935 Cadillac Chrome Eagle Sports Phaeton, to San Francisco but events along the way make them wonder if there isn't more here than meets the eye.
  • What's in a Gnome?
    Episode 18
    When an amusement park is being repeatedly vandalized, so the manager hires Rick and A.J. to work undercover. A retired Marine Colonel owns the park and the more they learn about the vandal, the more they question who the real villain is.
  • The List
    Episode 17
    A.J. pressures Rick into taking the case of a woman accused of murdering a publisher. This publisher put their client on a list of San Diego's ten sexiest women, against her wishes. Rick also investigates their client's mysterious secrets, while A.J. falls in love with her.
  • A Design for Killing
    A clothing design house hires Rick and A.J. to protect its new fall line from being stolen by a rival firm.
  • It's Only a Game
    Episode 15
    Rick and A.J.'s good friend, the coroner, asks the brothers to deliver a new video game to Las Vegas and they don't understand just how valuable it is until thieves attack.
  • 1/27/83
    Rick, A.J. and Cecelia go to a small California resort for a short vacation. A.J. decides to stay with his mother in her suite, after Rick's constant pestering drives him away. A.J. witnesses a murder, but there is no body and no one believes, so he sets out to prove it.moreless
  • Pirate's Key
    Episode 13
    Complications from their current case have Rick and A.J. answering to the State's licensing board. Only the incident that the board wants more information on was from a case that A.J. investigated when he was still working for Myron.
  • Psyched Out
    Episode 12
    When a track star dies in a fall from his fraternity house, Rick and A.J. investigate. A.J. poses as a student and Rick becomes the subject in a psychologist's experiment.
  • 1/6/83
    A.J. promises to locate a novelist's long-lost cousin within 24 hours, but this tedious all-nighter evolves into a more complex case. Several murders are committed exactly as depicted in the author's latest book and A.J. thinks he is the next victim.
  • Thin Air
    Episode 10
    Rick's former girlfriend asks him to find her missing husband and then she is arrested for his murder. Rick and A.J.'s attempts to find out what really happened lead them into a dangerous situation.
  • Fowl Play
    Episode 9
    Rick and A.J. help a pro football player, who wants to stop fixing games. Only the people that he works for are not ready to let him quit.
  • 12/9/82
    A friend claims she just seen her dead husband alive. Cecilia Simon enlists the help of her sons when she becomes concerned about her friend's insistance.
  • 12/2/82
    A woman hires Rick and A.J. when her twin sister disappears. It seems that she dreamed about the disappearance before it happened.
  • Rough Rider Rides Again
    An old-time TV cowboy, a former Saturday morning hero of Rick and A.J.'s, is accused of killing the show's producer after a young actor is hired to revive his old role.
  • 11/4/82
    When A.J. is robbed while delivering $450,000 in diamonds, he and Rick have to find the diamonds. Mainly because A.J. is the FBI's prime suspect but also they are responsible for the first $10,000 of the insurance settlement.
  • 10/28/82
    When a painting is stolen from a local Navy Museum, Rick and A.J. are given 24 hour to recover it. The only problem is that an Admiral donated the painting and his daughters seem to hold the key to finding it.
  • Guessing Game
    Episode 3
    When a psychic has visions of involving an ongoing murder investigation and the police won't listen, she hires Rick and A.J. to follow up on her leads.
  • Mike & Pat
    Episode 2
    A dolphin is abducted, and Rick and A.J. have to find him and bring him back before his mate starves herself to death.
  • Emeralds Are Not a Girl's Best Friend (2)

    This episode picks up where the MAGNUM P.I. episode Ki's Don't lie ended with Higgins following Catherine Hailey, the woman who stole from a charity that's suppose to benefit an orphanage, to Los Angeles with the Simons following him. But upon arriving they discover that she paid someone to go on the plane in her place. They would learn from Magnum that Catherine is in South America in a country that has no extradition with the U.S. So Rick and A.J. offer to go get her with Higgins. They decide to pull a con her with A.J. pretending to be buying an emerald mine.