Simon & Simon - Season 3

CBS (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • 3/29/84
    A mild mannered accountant hires Rick and A.J. to teach him how to vanish. He tells them that he wants to evade a demanding wife, but maybe he has another reason.
  • Corpus Delecti
    Episode 22
    A steel denture found in a burned car is the major clue in proving a woman is dead and her insurance policy payable. The Simons $120,000 commission sits in the balance when A.J. insists that they continue digging into the case.
  • The Dillinger Print
    Episode 21
    When a retired FBI agent is murdered, his daughter hires Rick and A.J. to look into it, and they soon realise that the only print left at the scene belongs to notorious mobster John Dillinger. After someone tries to take A.J. out mob-style on the squash court, he has trouble recovering from the fear of being at someone else's complete mercy.moreless
  • Harm's Way
    Episode 20
    A woman hires the Simons to find a man she claims is her ex-husband, but when they find him, the larger-than-life Brian Harm's, he recuits them into his world of espionage and international intrigue.
  • Under the Knife
    Episode 19
    A.J. goes undercover as a patient in a hospital when a surgeon hires the Simons to prove that the plaintiff in a malpractice suit is phony.
  • Double Play
    Episode 18
    Rick is haunted by a recurring dream while he and A.J. are trying to figure out who devised the elaborate frame that gets them arrested for transporting stolen securities to Mexico, and their investigation leads them to a look-a-like escort service.
  • The Wrong Stuff
    Episode 17
    An innocent young woman fears her future will be ruined when a producer turns a movie she made as a teenager into an x-rated film and gives it wide distribution.
  • Heels and Toes
    Episode 16
    The Simon boys land a new client while A.J. is getting his broken wrist fixed up in the hospital by an odd friend of Rick's. Holly hires the brothers to tell her boss and lover, Randy Dever, that she wants out of her job as an exotic dancer because she wants to concentrate on her ballet career. After her roommate is murdered, A.J. and Rick need to clear her name and help her keep her career on-track.moreless
  • Bloodlines
    Episode 15
    While the Simons are looking for a stolen horse, they uncover some revealing information about the racing accident that had killed their client's father years before.
  • Dear Lovesick
    Episode 14
    An advice columnist hires Rick and A.J. when she fears one of her regular readers is in danger.
  • John Doe
    Episode 13
    Brian Gatewood wakes up next to a car accident and a gun wearing a tuxedo he doesn't remember purchasing. When he stops by his job, he learns he's been missing for three months, but has no memory of anything after going through an anti-smoking program. When he is accused of murdering Julia Kessler, it's up to Rick and A.J. to clear his name, and figure out where his last three months went.moreless
  • 12/22/83
    When her star witness is nearly killed while under police protection, Janet asks Rick and A.J. to take over the protective custody, but the witness's compulsive need to gamble makes her very uncooperative.
  • Bon Voyage, Alonso
    Episode 11
    Cecilia agrees to chaperone two teenage girls on a cruise, with Rick's help, but then the ship is hi-jacked.
  • 12/8/83
    An aging WWII pilot wants Rick and A.J. to find his long lost B-25.
  • 12/1/83
    Rick and A.J. investigate the disappearance of Walter Carmichael at his wife's insistence and begin to believe his disappearance is connected ti illegal pesticide usage until they realise that there's more than one Mrs. Walter Carmichael out there.
  • The Bare Facts
    Episode 8
    After Mary DeAngelo hires Rick and A.J. to find a missing friend of hers, they find themselves having to go undercover at a nudist colony to find out where the missing man spent his last days. A.J. soon acclimatizes himself to the colony, but Rick is less than thrilled at having to shed his clothes to figure out a case.moreless
  • Caught Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
    Marie Haines hires Rick and A.J. to find her ex-husband Roy, an undercover cop accused of killing a fellow cop and running off with the loot. Marie turns the brothers onto Downtown Brown, a good friend of Roy's who is also an undercover cop. The Simons meet with trouble at every turn because no one, not even Haines' captain, is willing to consider the fact that Haines might have been set up.moreless
  • 11/3/83
    A.J.'s idol, famous detective Sam Penny ('the man who wrote the book') needs the Simons help to solve a thirty year old case.
  • 10/27/83
    The Simons' efforts to find their client's missing brother lead them right into the high-profile murder investigation of an old nemesis, Lt. Bogartis. A.J. enlists the help of some computer-savvy kids to come up with the evidence to solve both cases.
  • Bail Out
    Episode 4
    A.J. goes undercover as a tennis pro when he and Rick are hired by an executive's widow to investigate the parachuting 'accident' that had killed her husband.
  • 10/13/83
    Rick and A.J. take on the job of protecting a blind witness.
  • DJ DOA
    Episode 2
    A disc jockey is beaten and then disappears, a fellow D.J. who witnessed the beating hires the Simons to find out what happened to her co-worker.
  • Grand Illusion
    Episode 1
    A magician hires the Rick and A.J. to find out how a rival stole his spectacular new trick.