Simon & Simon

Season 8 Episode 13

Simon Says 'Goodbye'

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1989 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rick and AJ are hired by a reluctant bride-to-be to find her old high-school boyfriend for 'old times sake'. Complications arise as their client is a publicist for the city's Modern Art Museum and her former flame is an art dealer who runs a bit of forgery and murder on the side. He mistakenly believes she hired the brothers to investigate his current crimes. Matters aren't helped by the fiancé, who plays amatuer detective by following the Simons around town. Plus, the boys deal with a bit of romantic melancholy as they wonder what the future holds in store for their love lives.

All's well that ends well as justice is served, the lovers are reunited, and the Brothers Simon turn off the lights on their last episode--wisecracking to the end.
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