Simon & Simon

Season 8 Episode 13

Simon Says 'Goodbye'

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1989 on CBS

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  • Rick and AJ are hired by a reluctant bride-to-be to find her high-school boyfriend for old times sake. Complications arise as their client is a Modern Art Museum publicist and her former flame is an art dealer who runs a bit of forgery/murder on the side.

    It's Art for Forgery's Sake in this episode. The boys get hired by another crazy client to resolve unfinished business. This time it's an art publicist looking to relive past wild times with an old boyfriend. Her current boyfriend is a bit too staid and predictible for her. But she comes to appreciate those qualites when she finds out Terry/Carol is a rat, a swindler, and a murderer.

    The case itself isn't much to write home about. The Simons get to engage in not one, but two knock-down fights that trash both an art gallery and their office. Modern Art pretensions and 80's Yuppie consummerism get a mild skewering. The most fun of the ep is Cecilia giving her boys a gentle poke in the ribs over their lack of permenant romantic attachments and the way they fall over themselves to prove her wrong.

    A kind of disappointing end to a fun, fascinating, popular, long-running series. Well, there's always the tv movies. And hopefully Universal has it in queue for a DVD box set.