Simon & Simon

Season 7 Episode 14

Sudden Storm

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 1988 on CBS

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  • AJ and Rick search for the identity of their mother's brutal rapist, and for revenge.

    There are some episodes that are well-done because of the sheer chemistry between the brothers. There are some episodes that work because of the brothers' chemistry and because the content is compelling enough. This episode, however, is not only riveting because of the novel subject matter (sexual assault was something only begun to be addressed in the media at the time), but also because we got to see how it impacted characters with whom we felt comfortable and safe. In that sense, this is a stand-alone episode, for there is no other episode as shockingly invasive as this one. It made us feel distinctly uncomfortable with the brutal truth of reality that was, in many ways, uncharacteristic of this show. And yet, at the same time, it still managed to stay within the frame of reference of each of its characters. It did not launch into preaching or commentary or melodrama, as some have been known to do. They wrote a brutal drama with sensitivity, and as a result left a more lasting impression. For instance, it has been more than two decades since I have seen "Sudden Storm," and yet, even as I write this, I can clearly recall AJ's reaction to hearing his mother be attacked over the phone, to know his confusion and fear as to what he was listening to and blind determination to stop it. To watch Rick struggle not only with his rage (which they both had), but also with his impulsivity - to get revenge first and ask questions later. These are the elements of good drama: man's struggle with man and man's struggle with himself. For Simon & Simon, this episode is a keeper.
  • "Outstanding Episode!"

    This is a series can't miss! The acting in this episode is just unbelivable as we see how the Simon brothers deal with and also grieve over the rape of their beloved mother. A riveting episode that really grabs the viewer and explains just what a family goes through when this type of thing happens. ..... Towards the end of the series, Simon & Simon did a lot of good "drama" episodes and I really think this was the best one out of all of them. I hope that Universal does a full series DVD release of this show so we can see all the good ones, including this really great one.