Simon & Simon

Season 8 Episode 4

The Merry Adventures of Robert Hood

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1988 on CBS

Episode Recap

AJ is horrified to find almost $9,000 charged to his credit card without his knowledge. Rick is innocent this time and AJ goes to the bank to demand it be taken off his card. To his surprise, the person he starts complaining to bursts into tears. Instantly repentant, AJ takes the lady out to lunch when her stern boss tells her she's holding up the other employee lunches. While eating, the lady, Marion, tells AJ that this is the ninth time someone's credit card has been charged fraudulently and that her boss had threatened to fire her if it happened again. She loses track of time and returns to work late. When her boss comes to yell at her for being late, he surmises the fraud has happened again and proclaims tomorrow will be her last day working there.

AJ is smitten by Marion and decides to investigate what's going on with Rick. They get a lead that takes them to a warehouse that is full of goods bought with stolen credit card money. The brothers see someone and split up to investigate. Rick is grabbed from behind by a large man and is dragged off. AJ comes across a nimble fellow who disarms him with a whack from a staff. He tosses AJ another staff and challenges him to a duel. The man is very gallant and helps AJ up after he's gotten a good hit in. They end up dueling on a beam high above the ground when AJ manages to get him off balance. AJ tries to keep him from falling, but he only falls into a dumpster and is unharmed. When AJ comes down to arrest this fanciful character, he finds himself surrounded by men, including the big one holding Rick.

The man introduces himself as Robert Hood, and explains he is stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. In addition, he's willing to let the Simons go as long as they don't turn him in.

AJ is not impressed, however, and tells Robert that he's cost an innocent woman her job. Robert is troubled and asks to be taken to her. Incredulous, the brothers walk out with Robert unharmed.

It turns out that Robert used to work at the bank and has a crush on Marion. Marion is confused - what he's doing is noble, but wrong. Robert decides the best way to make amends is to unmask her boss, Mr. Nottingham, for the embezzler that he evidently is. AJ is reluctant to break into a bank, but Rick, Marion, and Robert show him that she has not only his passwords, but keys to the bank. AJ relents and off they go to steal information from the bank. The passwords do the trick and Marion and AJ discover the nonexistent people that Nottingham has been using to give out loans - to himself. Nottingham catches the four of them in the act and intends to kill them, but Robert's band of men, Abby, and the FDIC show up to arrest the villain. Robin and Marion decide to go back to Sherwood to make a new life. AJ has loved and lost again.