Simon & Simon

Season 1 Episode 9

The Uncivil Servant

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1982 on CBS

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  • I'm from the government and I'm here to help

    Myron catches one of his detectives stealing materials from the company case files. In the first sign of humanity that Myron has demonstrated during the series, he is concerned about the fact that the detective has been broken, and hires the Simons to find out who has been putting the squeeze on him.

    Enjoyable moments include the ride up the elevator to discover which federal agency the villain is employed at (not the FBI or CIA, but the IRS!) a nebbishy version of AJ visiting the agent to discuss his tax return, and Rick fast-talking his way into the good graces of an old woman by claiming to be part of a community watch group. This is also the first time I remember seeing John Schuck, who frequently played a comedy sidekick, in the role of a villain, which I think he handled well.

    Back story revelations:

    Myron fought in Korea.

    Rick is a veteran. Of course, we might have assumed that, given that we learned in the last episode that he had previously handcuffed himself to the doors of the VA.

    Miscellaneous points:

    Rick says that he always wanted to be on stakeout in Hawaii. Just hang on for a few episodes, Rick, because you'll get to do that at the beginning of next season!

    Rick: (Referring to the brownies he has just sampled) These are very good. What do you put in here?

    Dorothy Mitchell: The usual thing. Flour, sugar, chocolate, fifth of gin. I call them my Happy Hour Brownies.

    Rick Simon and Dorothy Mitchell, "The Uncivil Servant"

    Those brownies later put Marlowe out of commission.
  • This episode seemed stilted to me...

    This episode seemed kinda stilted to me. I don't know why, really, the plot was good, and it was funny, the acting just seemed out of it. I liked the brotherly attention that Rick gave A.J. when he almost got hurt, but that was the high point of the episode. I won't quit watching, but this eppy was a bit of a disappointment.
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