Simon & Simon

Season 7 Episode 3

You, Too, Can Be a Detective

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1987 on CBS

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  • A little nervous that Rick wanted to take advantage of that girl!

    When an admirer of Rick's new and all about him and not A.J. book has some real trouble the boys come to her aid after they stop thinking she's just imagining trouble. Sorry it had to take the poor girl stealing her friends stuff that in turn causes her friend's death because the bad guy wanted what the girl took. Bad move girl. I was a little taken aback that Rick was so flattered by the girl that he was willing to date her when she was obviously not a good choice. Isn't there a rule out there now that you shouldn't date your fans? It could get messy. Well, all ends well. Well, sorta except for that poor girl's friend:(