Simple Living With Wanda Urbanska

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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Farm and Ranch Preservation
      This special program features Chatham County, NC’s farmland preservation initiative and Beau Turner at his family’s bison ranch outside Bozeman, MT.
    • Greening the Sunflower House, Part 2
      Work continues on the remodel, including the addition of Energy Star appliances and more.
    • Greening the Sunflower House, Part 1
      Join Wanda as she embarks on the “green remodeling” of her mid-century brick ranch house in Mount Airy, NC.
    • Connecting to Nature and Gardening
      This episode lays out the steps needed to overcome “nature deficit disorder” for children and adults.
    • The Vision from Bill McDonough
      Join Wanda for an exclusive interview with world-renowned architect and designer William McDonough.
    • A Sound Sleep and Elder Wisdom
      Join Wanda as she explores the question of why sound sleep is so elusive these days.
    • The Park Next Door
      Join us as we visit some of America’s favorite parks. Millennium Park in Chicago, St. Louis’s Forest Park, New York’s Central Park & Greensboro, NC’s brand-new, community-planned Center City Park.
    • Things That Refuse To Die Special
      Check out these treasured old things still in use past the date of planned obsolescence.
    • Ed Begley Jr. Specials and Local Food
      Join Wanda for an exclusive interview with green living poster-boy Ed Begley Jr., wife Rachelle and daughter Hayden at their modest by-Hollywood-standards home located in Studio City, CA.
    • Down On The Farm and Farmers Markets
      Bryan Welch shows off his Lawrence, KS livestock farm which he calls “Rancho Cappuccino,” and explains why hobby farming is increasingly popular in America.
    • The Artist Within
      Discover the vital link between art and simplicity as well as your own “artist within” in this special program.
    • What You Can Do About Global Warming
      Assess the problem of climate change and review ways to lower your carbon footprint.
    • Simple Living in the City
      Cities with mass transportation and quantities of scale could be the easiest places in which to live simply. Meet Chicago’s Sadhu & Manda Johnston & Jane Zawadowski, who show us how to live simply in the city, and hear Mayor Richard Daley’s green pledge.
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1