Simple Living With Wanda Urbanska - Season 3

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Episode Guide

  • Public Places, Open Spaces and Rekindling Public Life
    Learn how public places strengthen a neighborhood and enhance community ties as we visit parks, cafes, and booming downtown districts across the nation.
  • A Different Set of Wheels and One-Car Families
    Explore transportation options as Wanda travels the nation showcasing ways that people are reducing and eliminating their need for gas-guzzlers.
  • Green Building
    Green Building
    Episode 6
    Learn why green is the new gold, as Wanda visits LEED-certified buildings around the country and speaks to their designers, builders & backers.
  • Simple Travel and Foreign Language
    Wanda enlists the help of family and friends to provide tips on simple travel and the benefits of learning a foreign language.
  • Experience Living History and Rediscover Reading
    Join Wanda as she visits the living history museum of Old Salem, North Carolina, and learn simplicity tips from the village’s original 18th- century Moravian settlers.
  • Simple Weddings Special
    Join Wanda as she watches fiance’s Eddie McGee & Anna Nixon of King, NC plan their simple wedding.
  • Simple Beauty and Healing Environments
    We examine beauty basics, such as proper nutrition, sleep and exercise, and bring back forgotten techniques such as good posture, natural and homemade beauty products, and the right philosophy.
  • Overcoming Overload
    Listen in as Wanda taps the wisdom of experts on the near-ubiquitous problem of “overload”: too much to do in a day and not enough time to do it!