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  • Oldies but goodies and bests!

    I have not seen any recent shows, but have at least 150 VHS tapes with hours and HOURs of recorded Simply Quilts episodes. My mothers friend (now deceased) taped them for years and before she died gave them to my mother (now deceased) who was giving them to me when she passed. I have been spending weeks converting them to DVDs, dubbing some of my favorite. I have watched so many I find myself humming the theme music throughout the day. I enjoy every episode and Alex's guests. I laugh when I see all her different hairstyles and clothing styles as these were recorded over many years. I feel like I know her personally now! Love the shows. Have not seen any new ones tho.
  • A colorful, information program for beginners and advanced quilters alike.

    Instead of cleaning my attic or basement, I find myself tuning in to this program, just to see what's going on in the world of quilting. I've not quilted in a long time, but it\'s fun to watch. Just seeing the colorful, beautiful fabrics is enough for me. The show is pretty varied for many tastes: sometimes individual quilters will be introduced, and will show their work; at times, new techniques are demonstrated, or new fabrics are trotted out for us to ooh and ahhh over. It almost makes me want to get the sewing machine out of the box and start quilting again --- almost.
  • A show for quilters that offers many different technquies, ideas, and demosrations for quilters to try.

    I'm a big fan of the DIY channel and this show inperticular. As you've most likely guessed, I'm a quilter myself. So this show interest me a lot.

    Like many of the shows on DIY, Simply Quilts is pointed at quilters. It also helps that the host of the show is a quilter herself, but this is the truth for all of DIY's shows, seeing as they all have hosts that specialize in what their show instrucks.

    It's a great show to see new inovative technquies used, the latest in quilting technology demonstated, and for people to get ideas and information on every thing from color usage to fabric types. One of the great things about this show is that it can appeal to all types of quitlers. From Beginners to Experts, they're is always something new to learn and this show brings it to you.

    Not only does the show bring you the latest tech invovled in quilting such as; embrodery machines, long arm quilting sewing machines, and bonding material, it also brings you other useful info on other quilting technquies. Like, piecing a quilt together and stressing the importance of quarter inch seems to color value and usage. Showing a quilter what colors work well together and how to pick colors on a value scale so that the colors don't blend together. It also brings information on pick out types of faberics that most quilters use, and what types work best for certian quilts.

    Somepeople don't like this show, I think this might be because that it is pointed at a specific audience and is not for everyone. As a memeber of the target audience, I really do find this show informative for quilters at all stages.