Sin City Diaries - Season 1

Cinemax (ended 2007)


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  • Angelica Needs A Vacation

    Harried, frazzled and exhausted, Angelica needs time off so she accepts Sasha and Matthew's offer to cover for her while she takes a break in a luxury hotel, however, the amenities include an unexpected extra. Meanwhile, back in the real world Sasha has more than work on her mind.

  • Tour Of Duty
    Tour Of Duty
    Episode 12

    Matthew's brother, Nick, and his two Marine buddies, Keith and Jo, visit Las Vegas for one last Liberty Weekend before deploying to Iraq. Nick set his sites on Sasha but Matthew, who has always kept his relationship with Sasha professional, realizes that he wants more from her that a working relationship. Meanwhile Keith and Jo sneak off to consummate their friendship.

  • The Boss's Daughter
    The Boss's Daughter
    Episode 11
    Veronica overhears her current lover ask her father for permission to marry his daughter. The father's answer doesn't matter because she has no interest in the proposal. Fleeing the scene Veronica "happens" to meet her first love in a sushi restaurant. After dinner the couple catch up on the years since Veronica's father forced them apart.moreless
  • Good Enough To Eat
    Good Enough To Eat
    Episode 10
    Her heart broken by a cheating husband, Jenna is unwilling to become involved with Nikiloas. Also there is Margot who has a "buddy" relationship with the handsome chef. When the three chefs come to Las Vegas for the finals of a cooking competition, Matthew and Sasha pull out all the stops to keep Margot busy, leaving Jenna and Nikiloas alone where nature can take it's course.moreless
  • Portrait
    Episode 9
    In her past career as a model Angelica posed for Kayden, an erotic photographer and her lover. Angelica, no longer a model, and Kayden no longer a photographer meet again where he now works as an art dealer. He asks and Angelica agrees to invite high roller clients to a gallery showing. She also meets Kayden's assistant, Nikki, who plans more profitable activities than selling artistic photos. Angelica overhears a plan to launder profits from a counterfeiting scheme she has a choice. Keep quiet of turn in her old flame to the authorities.moreless
  • To The Extreme
    To The Extreme
    Episode 8
    An ultimate fighter and his wife seek to escape their contract with a ruthless promoter who insists that his fighters use steroids. At the same time Angelica and Matthew promote a young amateur, a former Marine, who needs to learn some new moves to compete in the harsh world of Ultimate Fighting. When these two men meet in the ring both achieve their goal.moreless
  • Michiko Gets A Makeover
    Although warned of the evils of Sin City Michiko, a member of a touring group of Japanese gymnasts, makes and excuse to leave the group and explore on her own. While browsing in a clothing store she meets Sasha who offers her a makeover. With her new look, Angelica\'s contacts and Matthew for security Michiko attends a high stakes poker game where the man she wants to attract is playing.moreless
  • Girl's Intuition
    Girl's Intuition
    Episode 6
    After she hooks up with a client who turns out to be married, Angelica consults her old friend Jesse who tells her she has lost her female intuition because she constantly has to compete in a male environment. Jesse leads Angelica on a back to nature trek in order to regain her feminine side.
    Meanwhile Sasha and Matthew work for a couple who celebrating their fifth anniversary but are having difficulty the sexual excitement they felt as newlywed. Sasha suggests they try something "different" and takes them to a swingers party where they rediscover their zest for each other.moreless
  • Midnight Show
    Midnight Show
    Episode 5
    Angelica arranges for a young writer to spend a night in an old Las Vegas jazz club, the scene of a 1955 unsolved death. Suddenly the writer magically assumes the persona of the piano player who died after being involved in a love triangle with the club owner's wife.
  • It Almost Didn't Happen One Night
    With her nephew Sean in Las Vegas for spring break Angelica goes camping giving Sean and his buddies the run of her penthouse apartment. The guys hang out with an apartment full of hot sorority coeds but Sean hooks up with Darla, a serious student planning to spend the week studying.moreless
  • Con Man
    Con Man
    Episode 3
    Sasha’s checkered past comes back to haunt her when an old boyfriend blackmails her to force his way into Angela’s exclusive high-stakes poker game.
  • Chorus Dreams
    Chorus Dreams
    Episode 2
    Kara, a recently divorced woman self described as a “soccer mom” plans a getaway to Las Vegas with her best buddy “Sam” but Sam is otherwise occupied. Alone and unsure she is referred to Angelica by the hotel bellman Angelica suggests that Kara fill in as a showgirl in a hotel floor show and she accepts. Successfully dancing professionally for the first time, Kara goes on to experience several other new things Vegas style.moreless
  • In Capable Hands
    In Capable Hands
    Episode 1
    Celebrity couple Tommy LaHaita and Erica London check into The Artisan Hotel planning a secret wedding out of sight of the media and paparazzi. However, when someone manages to breach the Hotel’s security and photograph the couple in their room the desperate hotel management turns to Angelica and her concierge staff to manage security and provide the private setting for the couples wedding.moreless
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