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Sinbad finds himself at sea having fled his home - and had a curse put on him by his grandmother - in his hometown of Basra. Of course, it's not plain sailing and his ship, Providence, soon stumbles across a storm which forces the unlikely band of travellers together. The 12-part series promises "a 21st century take on the classic 8th century iconic hero" for Sky1. Newcomer Elliot Knight plays Sinbad while his nemesis Lord Akbari is played by Lost's Naveen Andrews. This will rebroadcast in America on Syfy on June 8th, 2013.

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  • Love the Underdog!

    SInbad's first, second and third episodes actually managed to affirm three aspects that will make me a long term viewer of this series:

    1> It's magic and monsters and fun! What else could it be?

    2> The actors have got a 'thing' going and they have quickly 'found' their characters.

    3> There's a nice wink to the Ray Harryhausen films in the episodes with an honest appreciation for the Arabian Nights mythos.

    I can see this getting better with time... ;)moreless
  • Could have been much more..

    I liked the show enough to have watched all 12 episodes. It could have been more, maybe had the stories been better paced, who knows.. as it is, it seems to have been cancelled, so we shall never know what actually came back from the underworld.
  • charaf

    season 2 when ???
  • The Epic journey begins!

    After Merlin this is the best entertainment one can ask for. It brings the legendary tale to reality in your lounge. It is captivating, its mystifying, and will keep you watching for more!
  • The cast keeps me coming back episode after episode!

    I was hesitant to start watching this show until season 2 gets announced but everyone kept telling me how great the show was and I couldn't resist. After the Pilot I couldn't wait to dive into this head first, with the thrill of Magic and deceit going around I was hooked. Episode 2 is really when the Actors took over the show and really seemed to gel and get a feel for their characters. Sinbad does a wonderful job and knows when to lay in the shadow and let the others do their thing and knows when to pour on the charm. I watched the whole season in 2 nights and I really hope it gets picked up for season 2 because they have a wonderful tale to tell and great continuity among the cast and crew. Also if that weren't enough the special effects are perfect and I believe anyone who is a fan of Sci-Fi then you need to give the show a good look and you won't be disappointed.moreless

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