Season 1 Episode 9

Eye of the Tiger

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 02, 2012 on Sky1
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Eye of the Tiger

Sinbad sets off in search of a mythical stone said to hold the secrets of the future. Hidden in a maze and protected by the Order of the Stone, Sinbad and his team must use all their skills to find it. Meanwhile Taryn hires a bounty hunter called Tiger to hunt Sinbad down.


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    • Rina: I've often thought, with his muscles, your brain, and my light fingers, there isn't a vault in the land that would stand a chance.
      Gunnar: Not forgetting Cook's deadly cuisine.

    • Gunnar: You're setting us up, I know it. Ten seconds.
      Riff: No, please!
      Gunnar: That's how long you've got to tell us the truth or I'll snap your windpipe like rice paper!
      Riff: I'm telling the truth!
      Gunnar: Four! Three! Two! One!
      Riff: No! I just need your help!
      Gunnar: (casually releasing him) He's telling the truth.
      Sinbad: Sorry, but we had to be sure. We've walked into traps before.
      Rina: It's our specialty.

    • Tiger: You have the chance to neutralize your enemy, you take it.
      Sinbad: That's the difference between you and me. You think we're enemies. I think we're just getting to know each other.

    • Cook: Sinbad, tell me.
      Sinbad: I can't let myself believe what I saw.
      Cook: Why?
      Sinbad: The Stone shattered and in each fragment, each shard, I saw so many futures. Some I was a king, some I was a fool. I was rich, I was poor. I was in love... I was heartbroken. But there was one future that stood out, one that shone brighter than all the others. An unnatural sky above a vast, decaying city. And my brother... alive. In my arms.
      Cook: I know what you saw. The Land of the Dead.
      Sinbad: So is it possible? Can I go there? I can see him again?
      Cook: Sinbad. The futures you see, they're all true. They're for you to decide. They're blank, unwritten, waiting. They're your tomorrow.

    • Cook: Don't you people know anything?
      Gunnar: We know when you're trying to pass rat off as chicken... again.

    • Cook: You're starting to sound like those crazy stone people.
      Sinbad: Stone people? What? Statues?

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