Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 19, 2012 on Sky1



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    • Anwar: You really used to live around here?
      Rina: Here, there, wherever I chose. Any doorway, alley, a rooftop. It wasn't so bad. It was life and color. The sort of people you couldn't imagine.

    • Rina: You must know a back way in. It's safer.
      Anwar: Sorry?
      Rina: What, you mean you never sneaked in late?
      Anwar: No.
      Rina: Typical.

    • Nala: Sinbad, this...
      Sinbad: I'll be careful. Deserted city, hundreds of guards--what could go wrong?

    • Rina: That was a rescue attempt? What was the plan? Hope they take sympathy on you and stop? I mean, really, Anwar.

    • Rina: Well, you missed the most amazing thing. Anwar rescuing me. From a heavily armed prison cart.
      Sinbad: Really?
      Rina: I've never seen anything like it.
      Anwar: She's exaggerating a little bit. Or a lot. I was very brave.

    • Nala: You know, when I first met you, I thought you were a vile, arrogant...
      Sinbad: Yes.
      Nala: ...dirty young man.
      Sinbad: And what about now?
      Nala: I didn't say my feelings had changed.

    • Nala: It was fun. I mean, there was the fighting, the screaming, the life and death situations. But it was fun.

    • Cook: Ah, you'll learn. Home changes. You think the place you grow up is it. But the world expands. One day you wake up, you look around, and you find your home has come with you.

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