Season 1 Episode 2

Queen of the Water-Thieves

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jul 15, 2012 on Sky1
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Queen of the Water-Thieves

The Water-Thieves and their feral queen, Razia, take the Providence. Sinbad must use all his skills in trying to charm the stubborn queen. He must also contend with the queen's pet, a giant vicious bird.

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  • Made for $50?

    Sinbad's lack of budget is very clear in the second episode as the remaining crew of the ship are abducted and held against their will by the the tribe of Water-Thieves. While Sinbad tries to woo their Queen, the rest of the crew are forced to fend for themselves against the the cannibalistic tribe.

    Sinbad and the crew's escape is more to the character's dumb luck than any cunning plan, but the episode does take the opportunity to showcase how far each member of the crew will go to save their own necks.

    You can find my full recap and review (with pics) at RazorFine Reviewmoreless

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    • Anwar: Look, this is an adventure. Like in a book, don't you think?
      Rina: We have nothing in common.
      Cook: We all survived the storm.
      Gunnar: She is right. We all travel different paths.
      Sinbad: Look. What happened to your sense of adventure, hmm? That, my friends, is freedom!
      Gunnar: Adventure is best left in books.

    • Sinbad: I am Sinbad!
      Razia: Should I have heard of you?
      Sinbad: Ha! Whether you have or not, you will never forget me!
      Razia: I'll take him. He has a sense of humor... and promises to keep!

    • Razia: You wanted me to choose you. Why?
      Sinbad: You're a very attractive woman. Little heavy on the war paint, maybe.

    • Sinbad: I'm a leader as well.
      Razia: And yet... you left your friends.
      Sinbad: No, not friends. Crew.
      Razia: Oh.
      Sinbad: Misfortune brought us together.
      Razia: Misfortune binds people together. A leader knows this. A leader would risk their own life to save their people. Not to serve them in their hour of need for, oh, what was it?
      Sinbad: A spark.
      Razia: Yes, spark.

    • Razia: Ooh. Murder me in my bed with a blunt fork. By the time you'd have broken my skin, I would have perforated your gut with this.
      Sinbad: You're playing with me.
      Razia: I like you.
      Sinbad: And that's what? Flirting?
      Razia: I don't get out much.

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