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  • Love the Underdog!

    SInbad's first, second and third episodes actually managed to affirm three aspects that will make me a long term viewer of this series:

    1> It's magic and monsters and fun! What else could it be?

    2> The actors have got a 'thing' going and they have quickly 'found' their characters.

    3> There's a nice wink to the Ray Harryhausen films in the episodes with an honest appreciation for the Arabian Nights mythos.

    I can see this getting better with time... ;)
  • Could have been much more..

    I liked the show enough to have watched all 12 episodes. It could have been more, maybe had the stories been better paced, who knows.. as it is, it seems to have been cancelled, so we shall never know what actually came back from the underworld.
  • charaf

    season 2 when ???
  • The Epic journey begins!

    After Merlin this is the best entertainment one can ask for. It brings the legendary tale to reality in your lounge. It is captivating, its mystifying, and will keep you watching for more!
  • The cast keeps me coming back episode after episode!

    I was hesitant to start watching this show until season 2 gets announced but everyone kept telling me how great the show was and I couldn't resist. After the Pilot I couldn't wait to dive into this head first, with the thrill of Magic and deceit going around I was hooked. Episode 2 is really when the Actors took over the show and really seemed to gel and get a feel for their characters. Sinbad does a wonderful job and knows when to lay in the shadow and let the others do their thing and knows when to pour on the charm. I watched the whole season in 2 nights and I really hope it gets picked up for season 2 because they have a wonderful tale to tell and great continuity among the cast and crew. Also if that weren't enough the special effects are perfect and I believe anyone who is a fan of Sci-Fi then you need to give the show a good look and you won't be disappointed.
  • potentially brilliant, but casting lets it down.

    I was a fan of the original movies as a kid, so was really excited to hear about this show. The sets, cg effects and story lines are all worthy elements and the genius that is Ray Harry-hausen would be proud of the effects I think. The only thing that seems to really bother me about this show is the actors. They just don't feel right and really not strong enough to carry the show. I like the cook, he's a great looking character and fits the show well, but none of the others really seem good enough.

    However something keeps pulling me back and I've watched all 12 episodes now and would definitely watch a second season.
  • With this cast the show should be called BAD not Sinbad.

    Please change the cast and i'm sure it will turn out to be a great show. The graphics are good and the whole arabian nights theme looks good but the actors except gunnar and cook are not strong enough to pull off their roles.
  • Strong First Episode

    Its been a long time since a show has been able to hold my childlike attention span and envoke the feeling of 'giving a crap'. But Sinbad was awesome. It made me care, the cast were very good at their jobs.

    I actually love the old Sinbad movies, the awful ones with special effects that look like they were done in the spare room with play doh. And I have to say - no sign of play doh with these bad guys. I was quite surprised (no idea why in a world that can cough out aliens and dinosaurs no problem) but the special effects were damn good.

    So acting & special effects = A+.

    Now for the plot. It covered alot of ground rather nicely, introduced characters with just the right amount of backstory (or mystery) to make me want to 'know' these people. We got to see a pretty boat of wonderment, there was a curse (always fun), Sinbad got the stuffing knocked out of him...alot, there was a perilous situation (or five) and the setup of a series that DOESN'T involve vampires, werewolves, singing or bachelors. Bonus all round.

    I'm giving it a rating of 9 because Sinbad recovers from a pretty bad wound with some questionable medical, hygiene issues rather swiftly (or hes in shock, will be dead before episode 2 and the show title is 'ironic' humor). But I have a feeling next week that its going to be very O.C and hes not going to have a mark on him or even a twinge.

    The 9 is also because I struggled for the first 10minutes trying to adapt to the styling (clothes and dialogue) which had me wondering if it was set in a fantasy world or timeframe closer to ours. After the first 10mins I didnt care either way.

    Seriously give it a go if you want a decent story, great actors (i only recognised Mr Andrews but the whole cast rocks) and a rather satisfying jaunt.
  • Fantastic Start

    Great start to the series! As a major Sinbad fan I was not disappointed at all. With the combination of a great cast and storyline it should shape up to be a fantastic season.