Sinbad's Family Affair

Tuesday 10:00 PM on WE - Women's Entertainment Premiered Apr 12, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Cabin Fever
      Cabin Fever
      Episode 6
      The family is growing more frustrated and tense by the day as living all together under one roof is beginning to take its toll. They all decide they need a bit of inspiration. Paige is struggling mightily with writer's block, so in a collective show of support, the entire family joins her for a human trapeze experience that will, hopefully, break her creative funk. Royce, meanwhile, is having his own creative troubles and feels bored with school. He decides he needs an adventure and that his martial arts training has prepared him for a fight quest. Sinbad asks Royce's hapkido sensei to show Royce the error in his judgment by humbling him in combat. Equally frustrated with the manic house is Meredith, who finds an unexpected release in shooting handguns at firing ranges. Lastly, Sinbad has always dreamt of a career as a musical entertainer. He sets his sights on performing a concert on stage in the guise of a newly developed character: crusty old bluesman "Memphis Red."moreless
    • Cookout
      Episode 5
      After some housecleaning, Meredith confronts Sinbad about all of the junk he's accumulated over the years. The spat makes Sinbad nostalgic for the days when most of this "junk" was going to use -- back when he had his man-mansion and the family had big party get-togethers. In an effort to cheer up dad, the family decides to throw a cookout. While preparing, Sinbad heads off to buy a new grill and haggles with the butcher for meat, Meredith and Paige have a bake-off to see who will have the best dessert at the cookout, and Royce and Sinbad encounter a snake while cleaning out the pool area in the backyard. At the cookout, all sorts of family and friends are in attendance, including Sinbad's father who is a bit critical of how his son is manning the grill.moreless
    • Can't Leave My House
      Coming home after another gig, Sinbad wants some me-time and a guitar lesson. His plans are dashed, however, when Meredith informs him he has to hang at the house to greet the garage door repairmen, and that he needs to find a plumber to fix the shower in the guesthouse. Meredith and Paige run off to a meeting for Paige's career and will be out all day running errands. After dealing with the garage door repairmen, and experiencing sticker shock, Sinbad decides to fix the plumbing in the guesthouse himself. He enlists Royce's help and finds that Royce is in the midst of turning the guesthouse into his own personal space. Sinbad chides Royce, and informs him that they're going to take on a father-son project. Meanwhile, Meredith gets an urgent call from her friend at Habitat for Humanity, who needs more hands at a build. Meredith heads for the Habitat build site, with a frustrated Paige. Once they get to the site, Paige warms to the family they're working with and has a great time helping them build their new home. Meredith loves seeing Paige give back, and enjoys the special mother-daughter time. Back at the guesthouse, Sinbad and Royce set about destroying the bathroom with their repairs.moreless
    • The Health
      The Health
      Episode 3
      Sinbad meets with his agent to discuss his being insurable for film work when the opportunity arises. This prompts Sinbad to schedule a house call with a doctor who, after performing a physical, informs Sinbad that his blood pressure is too high and that he'll have to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In a show of support, the entire family joins Sinbad in a new regimen of diet and exercise. Meredith and Paige go on the cleanse and introduce Sinbad to Paige's outdoor park workout. Royce shows Sinbad a few moves at his hapkido dojo, accidentally sending his dad to a chiropractor for some acupuncture after their physical session. And finally, the family brings in a personal chef who cleans out their kitchen and puts strict limitations on what they're allowed to eat.moreless
    • Hole In My Pocket
      Dealing with the pressure of supporting all four family members, issues with the IRS, and constantly having to work to grind out a living, Sinbad and the family realize it's time to tighten their financial belts. To help free up some space and make a little cash on the side, they hold a yard sale where Paige, to her dad's surprise, sells a dinner with Sinbad to a strange couple. Later, Sinbad and Meredith meet with a financial planner to discuss how they can better live within their means. Most importantly, Sinbad and Meredith angle to launch Paige's independent singing career, even while operating on a strict budget. Paige and Meredith are forced to cut some costs while putting together an EPK to help get her name and brand out in the music world.moreless
    • A Place for My Stuff
      After coming back from a hoax death on Wikipedia and losing his house to the IRS, Sinbad is back together with his wife Meredith. The two decide to have Sinbad move back in with her. Also affected by Sinbad's IRS troubles are his kids, Paige (25) and Royce (22), who were staying with him. All four are now moving back into the house and finding that space is going to be limited with four adults living under one roof. Sinbad has accumulated so much stuff over the years that it is spilling out into the hallways. While he finds he has no space in which to put any of it, he struggles to readjust to living with other people, battling with Meredith over office space, and having to counsel his kids on their love lives. Between all the added clutter in the house and the sudden lack of privacy, everyone's patience will be tested by this new living arrangement.moreless