Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2006 on BBC Three
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Episode 4
Nathan's got a pocketful of recreational hard-on pills and a date with a prominent porn star - life's looking up... or at least it is until his Dad George suddenly arrives to steal both his date and his medication. While at the funeral Jase finds himself in a dilemma Mani is there and he's with Fi having told him that they'd split up. So later on Mani gives Jase an ultimatum it's Him or Fi. After the reception Fi turns up at Nathan's and they tell each other their feelings, but just as they are getting somewhere Mani calls Nathan to say that Jase has been involved in an accident and it doesn't look good...moreless

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    • Fi: I hate what you do to me.
      Nathan: Why what do I do to you?
      Fi: Can't say it.
      Nathan: Well, you know what I think.
      Fi: Do you, even still?
      Nathan: totally, absolutely, completely. You know what's wrong with you.
      Fi: What?
      Nathan: Nothing.
      Nathan: I don't want you to feel guilty.
      Fi: Let's worry about that in the morning.
      Nathan: That'll be Jase.
      Fi: I'm still staying here tonight.

      Mani: It's me, it's Mani.
      Nathan: What's happened?
      Mani: Jase has had an accident. You need to get down the hospital.
      Nathan: What kind of accident?
      Mani: It looks pretty bad; it's a bit of a long story. The driver of the car said he just came out straight in front of him.

    • Nathan: I wish someone would give me a second chance.
      Mani: I knew there was something going on.
      Jase: Keep your voice down.
      Mani: You haven't finished with her have you?
      Jase: Just listen to me Mani
      Mani: You think I want to listen to anymore of your lies.
      Jase: It's not that bloody simple.
      Mani: It would be if you weren't such a lying, manipulative bastard.
      Jase: I didn't lie.
      Mani: No wonder you haven't returned any of my calls.
      Jase: Mani
      Mani: I'm not interested
      Jase: Just listen to me
      Mani: Just piss off, go back to your f**k**g girlfriend.
      Jase: You think I want this.
      Mani: Don't touch me Jase
      Jase: I'm trying to sort this out. Please for gods sake Mani it's not easy.
      Mani: At least now you don't have to worry about me.
      Jase: I just need some time.
      Mani: If I'm not around then there's no f**k**g pressure. You can sort out what the hell you are and what the hell you ant with Fi.
      Jase: What about us?
      Mani: There is no us Jase! Look maybe in a year.
      Jase: You'd met someone.
      Mani: I can't answer that Jase. You know you don't even know what you want.
      Jase: But I know how I feel about you.
      Mani: Yeah and what about Fi.
      Jase: It's not the same it's different. Look I can't explain it. She doesn't deserve this.
      Mani: Oh Jesus, look I'm not blaming you, you told me you were in a relationship, it's my fault. Look you said it you need time.
      Jase: But I don't want to loose you.
      Mani: This isn't what I want Jase. I can't, I can't do this, you have to decide. and I can't do it for you.

    • Mani: How's your mum, she know?
      Nathan: No!
      Mani: Mate, you sure that's a good idea, you know there's a real chance she'll find out.
      Nathan: Oh, shit!
      Fi: Were going to go over to the reception. Oh, hi.
      Mani: We've met.
      Nathan: Have you?
      Fi: No, no! I don't think so.
      Nathan: Well this is Mani and this is Fi.
      Mani: Hello.
      Nathan: And this is …
      Nathan: This is f**k**g ridiculous. (To Audience)
      Jase: I'm Jase.
      Mani: Hi
      Jase: Hi
      Nathan: Mani treated my Dad in the hospital.
      Fi: Oh, right you're a doctor?
      Mani: Yeah and you?
      Fi & Nathan: Chef.
      Mani: And what do you do?
      Jase: I'm a corporate account's manager.
      Mani: Ah, well I'd be really interested to talk to you sometime.
      Nathan: And I don't think it's about where to put his mini ISA.

    • Nathan: Why my mum ever took him back and gave him a second chance
      Mani: That's life isn't it.
      Nathan: Yeah, but she's an intelligent woman.
      Mani: Doesn't work like that, believe me, yeah I was,
      Nathan: What?
      Mani: No.
      Nathan: No go on
      Mani: Well it's like me and Jase, you know he came over to my place earlier and he said he'd split up with his girlfriend, now if you'd asked me I'd say there's no way I'm gonna give him a second chance, but.
      Nathan: When was this?
      Mani: That's why I was late coming into the hospital.
      Nathan: I don't believe it.
      Mani: See you don't know why you love someone and I mean I do yeah. I also now how confused…
      Nathan: Tell me exactly what he said?
      Mani: That it's all over with Fi and that; yeah he's certain it's over.
      Nathan: And you, you believe him?
      Mani: This time I do yeah, I think he means it.

    • Fay: Your dad reminds me of you
      Nathan: No, he doesn't.
      Peggy: Yeah, only difference is, he's sexy.

    • Fay: You're one of Nathan's favourite actresses.
      Nathan: Well it's between you and Judy Dench.
      Yolanda: And which of my films did you most enjoy.
      Nathan: Well that's not easy
      Peggy: Come on Nathan if you had to have a toss up.
      Nathan: Uh, it would be between, Position Impossible.
      Yolanda: Which one?
      Nathan: I liked all the positions. And.
      Peggy: Its gotta be the Talented Mr Lick Me.
      Yolanda: Oh, I enjoyed making that.
      Fay: You're forgetting the Texas Dildo Massacre.
      Nathan: I could never forget that. No if I had to have a Desert Island DVD, it would have to be.
      George: ET, the Extra Testicle.
      Yolanda: Do you know none of that was special effect.
      George: It definitely had a special effect on me.

    • Nathan: Typical of my Dad, never there when I wanted him, always there when I didn't.

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    • Episode 4 Music List

      The Ordinary Boys - Boys Will Be Boys
      Fatboy Slim - Praise You
      Turin Brakes - Blue Hour (instrumental)
      Gotan Project - Mi Confession
      Primal Scream - Loaded
      Gotan Project - Confianzas
      Fantastic Plastic Machine - First Class '77
      The Wiseguys - Ooh La La
      Franz Ferdinand - You're The Reason I'm Leaving
      Nina Hynes and Jimmy Bethan - Tenderness
      Leftfield - Open Up
      Mylo - Paris Four Hundred
      Cat Power - Love and Communication
      Kila and Paul O'Donaghue - Cardinall Knowledge
      The Walls and Elen Brady - Bone Deep
      Turin Brakes - Blue Hour
      Audio Bullys - Made Like That


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