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Tripping Over

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    If you like Sinchronicity you are guaranteed to like the new British/Australian production called Tripping Over.

    Much like Sinchronicity, Tripping Over concerns five young people who are brought together to Bangkok for completely different reasons. An incident there will connect them all, as they leave to countries around the world to discover their true self. The lives of the older generation are also depicted as they realise the consequences they made when they were young.

    In Australia we are up to the 4th episode but in England, you are on the 3rd episode. I suggest that you catch up on the old episodes, you can download them anywhere on the net or just try and join in but it is such a brilliant new show!

    Here is a list of similarities between the shows:
    -20 somethings
    -6 episodes
    -Both British productions (/Australian for Tripping Over)
    -Both about relationships and life
    -Both drama's
    -Both highly rated
    -Homosexuality is an topic in both shows
    -There is a shocking event in both of the first episodes

    These two shows are so similar just with different characters and story lines so try it out!

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