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  • A series about about an unusual love-triangle that eventually splits off into an even more complicated love-square. Such confusion can only make great television!

    Very few television programmes can be described as entirely satisfying, especially dramas. Even the shows you love usually disappoint you somewhere along the line leaving you thinking "that character wouldn't have done that" or "this character would never have said that", and occassionally you question a show's integrity over a slapstick moment added for the sake of getting a few cheap laughs, or a fight added because the writers don't think the script is strong enough to stand on its own. This is what makes Sinchronicity truly remarkable: it never disappoints.

    Six episodes is the common amount in a UK tv series but I can't remember one that uses all the episodes to such effect. The writers had a story to tell and were clearly all too aware it had to be told within six fifty minute episodes. And not a minute is wasted. That's not to say the show is entirely focused on the main plot; the sub-plots of each episode are as engaging as the main story and often contribute to the main story and humanize the characters to the point where the audience view them as people not just characters, which of course is the aim of every show but very few are so successful. The chemistry between Nathan (Paul Chequer) and Fi (Jemima Rooper) is superb and you can genuinely see why they are attracted to each other. Not to be underestimated either is the interaction between Fi and Jase (Daniel Percival) who portray a couple that shouldn't be together, that has been together far too long, perfectly. Special mention should be made to Percival who is given the most difficult material in the show and shapes Jase into a sympathetic character that could have easily become dislikeable and irritating. Camile Coduri, John Sheahan and Navid Chowdhry are all excellent as the supporting cast.

    The first person narrative, what if, non-linear, several perspective style of Sinchronicity also gives it a unique look that only certain episodes of Scrubs can rival for cleverness, freshness and intrigue. There are a couple of homosexual scenes in episodes 1 & 5 that might make some people slightly uncomfortable but by and large are brief and generally the gay sex scenes aren't as explicit as shows such Queer As Folk.

    There are many themes running throughout Sinchronicity. One is some times good people do bad things. Another is that luck or chance will sometimes go against you but this is not always a bad thing. And probably the most obvious is nothing can be forced to happen no matter how much you want it, it has to progress naturally or it won't happen at all. Overall this show was a gem, which deserved far more publicity and could then have become a cult student-hit such as shows like 'This Life' and instead will be remembered as a quirky humourous late-night BBC3 drama by the many that never got a chance to watch it properly, if it's remembered at all. Hopefully the BBC will commission more shows of this quality and can then continue to challenge the standard of the the dramas from the other side of the Atlantic.
  • Cute and fun, but drags too long

    the characters are interesting and likable, but it can be too cute for its own good at times, doesn't go far enough. and by the 4th episode it feels stretched too thin, keeping the same concept and problems unresolved too long. it could have done with a bit of editing down for length. it does have a lot of pop songs, i guess bbc must have an easier time with royalties than us shows which tend to go for less known bands for background music which tends to not pop you out of the experience as much. but as another reviewer said, it basically involves a lot of "How could they DO that!?" "How could he do THAT!?" stuff. and it did it a little too long for my liking. i am happy they didn't try for a full season type show, that would have been disasterous.
  • Absolutely brilliant! Easily one of the most interesting drama/comedies out there.

    This show better return. Even with the finale as it was, this show was fabulous.
    Such crazy twists, every episode you're either smacking your head or yelling at the TV in some sort of disbelief! "How could they DO that!?" "How could he do THAT!?"
    Each of the main actors did a fantastic job in this show. Nathan and Fi have such chemistry that you're rooting them on throughout the series (much like the two in The Office). At times you hate Jase for being with Mani, and you hate Mani for being the way he is, but in the end you see how good they are together. Of course how can you not love a sex-crazed Catholic and a soon-to-be-cut trannie. And c'mon, Camille Coduri as Peggy easily fills in the gap until Dr. Who begins again!

    Bottom line is that Sinchronicity, with the flashbacks, alternate events, soliloquays, GREAT music, superb writing, affairs, sexcapades, drama and comedy all rolled into one, make for one absolutly brilliant show.
  • A really awsome show, for everyone to check out

    A really awsome show, being a 6 part series is one of its charms, as the characters find themselves in all sorts of complicated relationship problems and how they choose to deal with them (Or not). This series is funny, heartfelt and full of surprises.
    All in all an absolute must see for all
  • This show is interesting in so many ways. Just a great drama with a twist

    The show gets you in from the first few minutes. The show is great is so many ways. It firstly, has a very balanced cast, although could require a few more female characters that stay for a few episodes later down the track, although Seinfeld survived with one main female. The acting is above average, which is what you can expect for a romatic drama. A weak male, as the lead, who would have thought, but it works. I hope he doesnt change to much as in becomes the great human being ever as so often happens in other shows.

    The scripts and story-telling devices that that use are great. The first three episodes have all had twists in it, or maybe something different that could happen but didn't. It is all about the what ifs.

    The best quality of the show has to be the music. It is great, simply great. The quality and use of music throughout the show is like The O.C. season 1. Every song is perfect and used to a tee.

    I would say this show is a cross between Sex and the City (from the guy's side) and Cold Feet (another Great British Drama).
  • A great new Comedy Drama on BBC3 that is by far one of the best new shows around. This show needs a lot more publicity as it gets you hooked after one episode.

    Sinchronictiy is a great new show on BBC3. It has a fantastic cast who's characters all have a chemistry and they are all as good as each other. The storylines so far have all been great and are to continuly get even better. This is a show that should be watched by everyone who loves a good Comedy with a Drama theme to it. With all of the events that keep hapening to the characters the atmosphere is going to become really tence and there's a lot of drama just waiting to happen at any moment. This is a must se TV show that everyone needs to watch at least once and you'll be hooked.
  • A 6 part seris following 3 peoples lifes!

    Sinchronicity is a 6 part seris which follows the lives of 3 characters; Nath, Fi and Jace.
    Nath is best mates with Jace and from this knows jace's girlfriend Fi who he finds very attractive and has strong feelings for. Fi also feels the same way for Nath but feels guily for her feelings as she longs to love Jace in the way she does Nath. In the first epiosde, Fi and Nath end up sleeping together which they both feel guilty about because of Jace. The twist however is that Jace is secretly Gay and at the time of them two ending up sleeping together he was with a man named Manny!! He has trouble with his feelings and hates the fact he is cheating on Fi.However he does not love he in the way he is beginning to love Manny!! However Manny is in love with Jace but feels that he can't wait around for ever for Jace to leave Fi. In the meantime Fi and Nath become closer and can't help there feelings!!
    (This is from the views of someone who has only wated 4 epoisodes).
  • Very funny actors and interesting storyline with flashbacks and all.

    This is a frantastic show made in the UK and featuring a threesome as the main cast. The story's told through the eyes of Nathan, a womanizer who works as a webdesigner for a porn-selling company. Nathan and his best mate's girfriend get a long very well, they even seem to have fallen in love - while Jase [the best mate] is being picked up by a gay guy and enjoys it greatly.

    And this is just the pilot. I haven't seen the second episode yet but the first one was enough to get me hooked. The characters were very special, Nathan's boss reminds me a lot of Bobbie, Joey Tribbiani's agent in the Joey show. Fi, Jase's girlfriend reminds me a bit of that girl in Love Actually, the one that falls in love with the Prime Minister and the boys are just loveavle characters.