Sing Along With Mitch - Season 2

NBC (ended 1964)


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Episode Guide

  • January 18, 1962
    January 18, 1962
    Episode 16

    Famous feuds with The Martins and the Coys, the Montagues and the Capulets, two vandeville families of the Twenties, and a couple of high-powered executives vie with each other.

    Diana Trask sings "You Can't Get a Man With a Gun".
    Louise O'Brien as Juliette sings "All the Things You Are".
    Leslie Uggams sings "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby" and a good tumbling bit to "Over the Waves".
    The two feuding executive families are featured behind such songs as "We're in the Money" and "When Good Friends Get Together".

  • January 11, 1962
    January 11, 1962
    Episode 15
    Mitch and the Sing Along Gang visit the library, and you'll see how certain books produce certain music. Plus regulars Louise O'Brian, Diana Trask, Leslie Uggams and the Sing Along Gang. Highlights: A wedding, including a bachelor party for "Get Me to the Church On Time". Louise O'Brien sings "Out of My Dreams". Dancer James Starbuck performs as "The Scarlet Pimpernel". Diana Trask on her way to the guillotine sings "Taking a Chance on Love".moreless
  • January 4, 1962
    January 4, 1962
    Episode 14
    Mitch Miller and The Singalong gang takes a musical trip down the highways of America and reflects how they have changed the habits of the nation. Plus regulars Diana Trask, Leslie Uggams and the Sing Along Gang. Highlights: Songs include "Carolina in the Morning", "It's So Peaceful in the Country", "Home Sweet Home", "Lonesome Road" and "Nobody's Sweetheart Now".moreless
  • December 28, 1961
    December 28, 1961
    Episode 13
    New Year's nostalgia show with Coney Island, the Class of 1915, traveling to the Caribbean and famous masterpieces of Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec. Plus regulars Gloria Lambert, Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask and the Singalong Gang. Highlights: Gloria sings "C'est Magnifique". Leslie sings "Am I Blue?" and "Blow, Gabriel, Blow". Other songs include, "Oh, You Beautiful Doll", "Nobody's Sweetheart Now", "Am I Blue" and "Valentine".moreless
  • December 21, 1961
    December 21, 1961
    Episode 12
    Mitch Miller and his Gang present a Mitch's Christmas program with traditional carols and a few holiday melodies that are seldom heard. Plus regulars Gloria Lambert, Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask and the Singalong Gang. Highlights: Mitch and the children in a sleigh sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". The singers as carolers in 19th Century England perform "Here We Come A-Wassailing". The children join in for a pantomime to "The 12 Days of Christmas". Diana Trask sings "The Christmas Song". World War II Tank Corps men improvising a Christmas tree in the desert as they sing "White Christmas". The entire cast in a processional with "We Three Kings of Orient". Leslie Uggams sings "Mary's Boy Child". The sing-along songs are in the Christmas Spirit.moreless
  • December 14, 1961
    December 14, 1961
    Episode 11
    Mitch introduces each segment as he recalls his early days in New York City and his efforts to get a job. Plus regulars Gloria Lambert, Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask, and the Singalong Gang. Highlights: Mitch plays the oboe for "Pagan Love Song". The song medley includes "And the Angels Sing", "Mairzy Doats", "Jeepers Creepers" and "Anniversary Song". The singers play waiters for a dinner of eyeglass manufacturers. Leslie Uggams plays a high fashion model in various countries singing "After You've Gone". The men as firemen in the Bowery Grenadier period, Diana Trask as a nurse singing "I'm in the Mood for Love". A modern lumber camp with Gloria Lambert as the cook singing "Jolie Jacqueline".moreless
  • December 7, 1961
    December 7, 1961
    Episode 10
    Mitch and his Gang cruise down the Mississippi. Plus regulars Leslie Uggams and Diana Trask. Highlights: Songs include, "Mandy", "Swanee", "Dixie", "Here Comes the Showboat" and "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee". Leslie Uggams sings "Deep River". At a gambling parlor we hear "Silver Dollar" and watch a "Cake Walk". Diana Trask sings "St. Louis Blues". A minstral show and the big arrival at New Orleans.moreless
  • November 23, 1961
    November 23, 1961
    Episode 9
    Mitch takes a journey through the Seasons with regulars Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask, Victor Griffin and the Singalong Gang. Highlights: Life in a small town through the year's four seasons is interpreted with music and story. Songs include "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and "Let it Snow".
  • November 16, 1961
    November 16, 1961
    Episode 8
    Mitch's guest is Jill Corey. Plus regulars Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask, Victor Griffin and the Singalong Gang. Highlights: The Policeman's Ball will be set to music and gags with songs "At the Policeman's Ball", "The Band Played On" and "Girl on the Police Gazette". Songs include "I've Got the World on a String" and "Danny Boy". Victor Griffin does his song and dance to the Big "D".moreless
  • November 9, 1961
    November 9, 1961
    Episode 7
    Mitch's guest is Jerry Vale. Plus regulars Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask, Sandy Stewart and the Singalong Gang. Highlights: First for the opening medley are fences, Western, backyard, a picket fence, a children's playground and a race track fence with songs "Zip-a-dee-do-dah" and "Don't Fence Me In". Sandy Stewart takes on time with clocks and sings "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" and the gang with other timely tunes. An Italian street festival scene with songs by Jerry Vale "Funiculi, Funicula", "O Solo Mio" and the "Tarantella". A telephone is the prop as Leslie Uggams sings "Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me". Then there's a University club and some collegiate songs.moreless
  • November 2, 1961
    November 2, 1961
    Episode 6
    Mitch's guest is Louise O'Brien, with regulars Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask and the Singalong Gang. Highlights: A look at the Depression years. Louise sings "Blue Moon". Leslie sings "April Showers". Diana sings "Why Was I Born?" At a health club, the Gang sings "Give Me the Simple Life" and "Ballin' the Jack". The Singalong melodies include "Jeannine" and "On Top of Old Smoky".moreless
  • October 26, 1961
    October 26, 1961
    Episode 5
    Mitch Miller and the Singalong Gang, have a salute to Show Business, with regulars Gloria Lambert, Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask and dancer Victor Griffin. Highlights: Leslie sings "Lullaby of Broadway" and "Bill". Diana sings "Be a Clown". At the circus the Gang sings "Strike Up the Band" and "Man on the Flying Trapeze". In a pre-TV radio station, they sing "Beyond the Blue Horizon" and "Moonlight and Roses". The Singalong segment includes "You're an Old Smoothie" and "Shanty in Old Shanty Town".moreless
  • October 19, 1961
    October 19, 1961
    Episode 4
    The main theme of the show are the girls cast in "Dream World" roles such as Mata Hari, Florence Nightingale, Betsy Ross, Helen of Troy and Cleopatra. With regulars Gloria Lambert, Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask and the Singalong Gang. Highlights: Mitch Miller solos on the English horn to "Autumn Leaves". Dancer Deirdre Ottewill is Cleopatra, Diana Trask as Mata Hari sings "Always True to You, Darling", dancer Jean Hale as Helen of Troy, Leslie Uggams as Florence Nightingale sings "You'll Never Walk Alone".moreless
  • October 12, 1961
    October 12, 1961
    Episode 3
    Mitch Miller celebrates the gay times with regulars Gloria Lambert, Leslie Uggams, Diana Trask, dancer Veronica Bravo and the Singalong Gang. Highlights: Gloria sings "C'est Si Bon". A Paris segment with the girls as fashion models. A barbershop segment with such tunes as "Down By the Old Mill Stream". Diana Trask in a Venice gondola singing "But Not For Me". Dancer Veronica Bravo is featured during "The Alphabet Song". A cute number with the girls as tic-tac-toe X's and O's. A Chicago section with a 20's speakeasy converting to a gypsy tearoom when the police raid it. Leslie Uggams sings "Stormy Weather".moreless
  • October 5, 1961
    October 5, 1961
    Episode 2
    Mitch plus regulars Gloria Lambert, Leslie Uggams and Diana Trask and the Singalong Gang, salute Scotland and visit the Caveman's world and the Barbary Coast of the Gay 90's. Highlights: Songs include "Silver Dollar", "California Here I Come", "You're An Old Smoothie" and "Annie Laurie". A ballet dance to "La Ronde".moreless
  • September 28, 1961
    September 28, 1961
    Episode 1
    Back by popular demand, Mitch Miller begins his second season with guest Louise O'Brien. Plus regulars Leslie Uggams and Diana Trask and the 25-man Singalong Gang. Highlights: Leslie sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Diana sings "It's a Big, Wide, Wonderful World". Louise sings "Smilin' Through". The Sing Along segments include "Blue Skies", "Margie", "Barney Google" and "Linger Awhile". At the airport, the gang sings "Far Away Places" and "Beyond the Blue Horizon". At Kitty Hawk, N.C. where the Wright Brothers attempted to fly, we hear "Sitting On Top of the World".moreless