Single Ladies

Monday 11:55 PM on VH1 Premiered May 30, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • The shows title says it all really, and the parallel to other such programs about single gals, sitting around talking about sex, shagging everything in site, getting their heart stomped on and falling for the wrong kind of guy is obvious.

    Its hard to know where to start with where this show goes horribly wrong, and I an shocked to see Queen Latifah's name attached to it. In fact, waiting for her appearance was the only thing that got me to the end of the episode. The characters seem totally lifted from other such programs. Havent we seen A smart sexy business owner who gets dumped after wanting more; a headstrong liberal woman who takes charge of her sexuality and an idealist looking for the perfect hubby before? hmmm Try it for yourself. Unfortunately, Single Ladies doesn't really give anything other than the possibility of a drinking game where the looser cant finish the sentence of the wooden dialogue or predict the equally corn ball response. "You think that you can just call me out of the blue and I'll be available?" Well? What do you think? If you guessed "Ill pick you up?" you would not only be able to make me take a shot but you would understand this show at its very base level..

    Sorry Queen Latifah, I dont guess I will get to see you in this show - shame you werent in the pilot
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