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Situation comedy--set in San Francisco--with yet a bit of a difference in standard comedy.

After thirteen years of marriage, 31-year-old Jack Dennis became an unexpected divorcee, when his wife decided the marriage was over--just simple because of her own personal problems. However, Jack's wife happend to leave behind their 13-year-old son, Robby, for him to single-handedly raise; with no notice, what so ever, that he was fully in charge of managing to acquire full parenting of their child.

Upon the new drastic measures that were brought into his once easy-going life, Jack had to make two important changes, in order to benefit both himself and his teenage son.... Jack quit his long-time job as an on-the-road salemen, and settle for a much-less demanding job--he applied for a posistion as an odds-n-ends office manager for Carleson Enterprises, which was a multy millionaire company that manufactured office supplies and equipment. His new job was somewhat difficult and demanding, plus was unfamiliar, due to working under his new boss, Andrea, who's strong business-like attitude was not that familiar since he was used to working for himself. Jack's second and last big change was asking his recently widowed, liberal, hip and up-to-date 55-year-old mother, Renee, to move in and help raise Robby.

Theme for the show is the same as Kate & Alliemoreless

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