Sins & Secrets - Season 3

Investigation Discovery (Mini-Series 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • Palm Beach
    Episode 1
    "Dalia Dippolito was just another trophy wife on the path to Palm Beach high society... until police broke the news that she\'d become a trophy widow. Only a surprise confession can reveal the truth about the murder - a deadly game of deception.
  • Somerset
    Episode 2
    "Somerset native, Sam Catron, was running for his fifth consecutive term as County Sheriff until an assassin\'s bullet struck him dead at a political rally. Only a confession can reveal the truth - as well as the unlikely trio who conspired to kill him.
  • Farmington Hills
    Episode 3
    "The grisly murder of automotive executive Bob Seaman unveiled a dark side of the white collar community of Farmington Hills. The startling confession and groundbreaking trial that followed would divide a family and a city for years to - for y
  • Auburn
    Episode 4
    "In 2008, Auburn University freshmen Lauren Burk was found naked and fatally shot on the side of a local highway- her car in flames on campus. When investigators make connections to a string of missing coeds in the area, residents are gripped with fear.
  • Kansas City
    Episode 5
    "28-year-old Suzette Trouten was just another small town transplant loving life on her own in Kansas City. But when Suzette vanishes, investigators soon discover that she shares ties with a slew of missing women ties fashioned by a sex-crazed serial killer
  • Charlotte
    Episode 6
    "In 1999, Carolina Panther, Rae Carruth was an NFL rookie fast on the rise. That is, until his pregnant girlfriend was gunned down in the suburbs of Charlotte. Only the person who pulled the trigger could know the truth about Cherica Adams\' murder.
  • Fresno
    Episode 7
    "In 2003, Tim Schuster disappeared after losing his job. Embroiled in a bitter divorce, his friends feared suicide. That is, until police found Tim\'s body days later, partially dissolved in a bin of hydrochloric acid.
  • Nashville
    Episode 8
    "In 2008, Jim Cannon, a prominent attorney and father of three, is found dead in his Nashville mansion. Soon after, Jim became well known for his promiscuity with other women and even men.
  • Catalina Island
    Episode 9
    In 2006, Stephen Williams' body was found off the coast of Catalina Island, the victim of a gunshot wound to the head. Inheriting nearly $2 million, his plans to sail across the world were cut short after someone drained his finances and ended his life.
  • Hilo
    Episode 10
    In 1991, Dana Ireland was found struggling in a secluded jungle in Hilo, but it was too late. Investigators were baffled bywhat looked like a combination rape, and hit-and-run.Dana died from her injuries, but who on Hawaii's big island wanted Dana dead?
  • laeger
    Episode 11
    The spring of 2005 would bring a horrifying end to the town of Iaeger's peace and tranquility when beloved physician Doc Whitley was found burned to death in his home. The investigation would blow the top on the town's darkest secrets.
  • Plattsburg
    Episode 12
    In 2005, the upstate town of Plattsburgh New York was gripped in terror when mom and pop furniture store owners David and Lorrie Donnivan were found brutally stabbed to death.
  • Boone
    Episode 13
    In 1989, Jeni Gray inexplicably vanished while on a morning walk in Boone. Police were perplexed when no trace of Jeni could be found in town or the surrounding area. But that confusion gave way to horror when a second woman disappeared.
  • Omaha
    Episode 14
    In 2009, Omaha father and son Brian and Ryan Carson, disappeared following a break-in at their home. Blood at the scene suggested they were victims of a home invasion, but the investigation soon revealed that the true threat came from within the home.
  • Palo Alto
    Episode 15
    In 2009, a murder mystery would strike the trendy city of Palo Alto when beautiful real estate broker Jennifer Schipsi was found strangled to death and set ablaze in her home.
  • Carthage
    Episode 16
    Widow Marjorie Nugent was a recluse renown to nearly everyone in Carthage. When she vanished in 1997, no one seemed to notice. When police got around to looking for her, the investigation would lead them to a shocking suspect, and a grisly discovery.