Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes

BBC (ended 1968)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Blue Carbuncle
      The Blue Carbuncle
      Episode 16
      It is Christmas, and Holmes and Watson are drawn into a case of theft when a missing jewel is found in the crop of a Christmas goose. Trailing around London trying to find the whereabouts of the goose's owner, they find the thief they are after is close to the victim.moreless
    • The Sign of Four
      The Sign of Four
      Episode 15
      Holmes and Watson are asked by a young lady to go with her to a strange location after a letter asks her to meet an anonymous figure who will unveil the fate of her long-lost father. Holmes and Watson find themselves in tale of murder, hidden treasure and cannibalism where the only suspect is a man with a wooden leg.moreless
    • The Solitary Cyclist
      Holmes and Watson help Miss Violet Smith, who believes she is being stalked by a masked man who follows her along a lonely road when she is on her bicycle. Holmes realizes a life may be at stake and finds a secret agreement of which his client is the unwilling subject.moreless
    • Shoscombe Old Place
      Homes and Watson travel to Sir Robert Norberton's racing stables when the head groom, Mason, asks for their help. Sir Robert's chief creditor has disappeared before an important race.
    • Wisteria Lodge
      Wisteria Lodge
      Episode 12
      Holmes and Watson try to keep up with a foreign tyrant, an English governess and a police inspector on a wild goose chase.
    • Black Peter
      Black Peter
      Episode 11
      Holmes and Watson investigate the dramatic murder of Captain Carey, the commanding officer of a merchant ship, who was impaled and pinned to the wall of his cabin with a harpoon. Carey was in possession of some securities belonging to a missing banker called Neligan, and Neligan's son is accused of being the killer. Holmes finds himself investigating some old adventures at sea, including shipwreck, murder, and blackmail.moreless
    • The Musgrave Ritual
      Watson takes Holmes away to the country estate of Sir Reginald Musgrave to deal with his cocaine habit. While there, the great detective solves the mystery of a missing butler and an old family riddle about a king's lost crown.
    • Thor Bridge
      Thor Bridge
      Episode 9
      The wife of a gold-mining millionaire is found shot dead at their country house, and Holmes is asked to find the killer and clear the name of the family's governess, who has been charged with the crime.
    • The Naval Treaty
      The Naval Treaty
      Episode 8
      Holmes and Watson face a dangerous case when they are called on to find a stolen naval treaty between Britain and France. War and peace are at stake.
    • The Greek Interpreter
      Holmes is drawn into the life of his brother Mycroft when he and Watson find themselves with a mysterious case. A Greek interpreter seeks their help to uncover the identity of a Greek hostage for whom he was forced to interpret. Holmes needs to solve the case before the Greek is killed.moreless
    • The Boscombe Valley Mystery
      A young man is on trial for killing his father, but he insists he is innocent, and Holmes decides to investigate. He unearths an old quarrel with its roots in Australia.
    • The Hound of the Baskervilles, Part Two
      Watson begins to suspect the mysterious Hound of the Baskervilles is all too real, and then an escaped convict is found on the moors. Watson has to protect himself and Sir Henry from the beast, while a mysterious figure roams the landscape.
    • The Hound of the Baskervilles, Part 1
      Holmes is asked to solve the mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville on his Dartmoor estate and also to protect his heir, Sir Henry. Holmes sends Watson off to Dartmoor on his own, where the legendary Hound of The Baskervilles is said to roam. But Holmes says he must stay in London.moreless
    • A Study in Scarlet
      Holmes investigates the murder of a man in an empty building. A wedding ring is found by the body, and the German word 'Rache' is written in blood on the wall... Holmes guesses this could prove to be a dangerous case.
    • The Dancing Men
      The Dancing Men
      Episode 2
      Holmes investigates when sinister pictograms of dancing men appear at a house in Derbyshire and scare Mrs Elsie Cubitt. Meanwhile, a sinister lurking man lives nearby.
    • The Second Stain
      The Second Stain
      Episode 1
      A red-headed pawnbroker comes to Holmes with a strange story of a well-paid part-time job with the League of Red-Headed Men which has just disappeared. Holmes immediately suspects an impending crime.