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It's not every Saturday morning that I get to sit in a dark hotel ballroom filled with hunky male models dressed like EMTs and listen to Denis Leary drop a bunch of F-bombs and talk about horse blowjobs. But such is life at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, at least regarding the panel for USA Network's upcoming comedy Sirens

The show, which debuts March 6 after the Season 3B premiere of Suits, is based on the British series of the same name, but won't follow the source material particularly closely. Michael Mosley, Kevin Daniels, Kevin Bigley star as a trio of paramedics working in Chicago, and Jessica McNamee as a city cop who used to date Mosley's character. 

Check out the official trailer below, then read on for some highlights from the panel.

Could be a fun show, right?  notes, quotes, and fun facts from the Sirens panel:

– Leary kicked off the session by mentioning the Lena Dunham nudity dustup from last week's Girls presentation and exclaiming, "You should thank your fuckin' stars you didn't see Peter Tolan naked!" (Tolan and Leary co-created Rescue Me.)

– As mentioned above, Sirens will indeed depart from the original British series, and that's one of the reasons Leary was interested in working on it. He's co-writing the show with Bob Fisher; "I wanted to co-write the thing so I wouldn't be fully responsible for fucking up the British series," he said.

– When asked about the extent to which USA has dictated what they can and can't do with regard to raunchiness, Leary said that he's been satisfied with the network's willingness to trust him, but he's still planning to push boundaries. He specifically referred to the scene at the end of the trailer above, where the guys are freaking out over the porn on the computer: "They'll say, 'You can't show the horse actually getting the blowjob,' and we'll say, 'Well we know that,' but secretly we're like, 'FUCK, we can't show the horse getting the blowjob!'" But in general, while the network often says, "You guys go out and shoot it and we'll pull back from there," Leary knows that "we can only really get away with it if it's funny. If it's not funny, it's not gonna fly."

– While Sirens is definitely a comedy, the life-and-death nature of its subject matter will open the door to include drama as well. The mentality of "the worst thing could happen today" is an "an interesting place for comedy," Leary said. "We kind of do the reverse of what we did on Rescue Me, where we kind of did the opposite... stuck the knife in and made you laugh unexpectedly." Sirens will focus on humor, but feature some heavier storylines as well.

– Rescue Me alums Lenny Clarke and John Scurti will both drop by, as Mosley's dad and McNamee's dad, respectively. Additional appearances will include Jean Smart as Mosley's mom, and Loretta Devine as Daniels' mom.

– Leary took it upon himself to explain an upcoming storyline where the guys respond to a call from a gentleman who's got a foreign object stuck in his rectum, so to speak: "The bottle up the ass. That's a real story. It happened to a friend of mine," Leary said, explaining that it's actually quite common for people who end up in such an unfortunate situation to either drive to a hospital that's far away from where they live, so as to avoid running into anyone they know, or to just call 911, hence the plot point (which you can see a bit of in the teaser below). #TheMoreYouKnow

Sirens premieres Thursday, March 6 at 10pm on USA.

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"We kind of do the reverse of what we did on Rescue Me, where we kind of did the opposite."

He doesn't so much paint with words as beat them into the canvas with his face.
This sounds hysterical! I will definitely check it out.
If only this remake would convince Channel 4 to commission a second series of our original:-(
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