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  • Laughed out loud so many times

    I can't believe people didn't like this. I loved it! I laughed out loud so many times and I never do that.

    Hilarious. Maybe the haters just don't get it.

  • Shut up, crybabies

    I can't understand the tools and fools that want to blast a comedy for taking a lighthearted approach to its subject matter. That's actually what MAKES it a comedy. If you don't like it, then don't watch it. But no, it's always, "Well I don't like it, and if I don't like it then they should get rid of it. After all, I'm the most important, smartest person I know!" Delude yourself all you want, but keep your grubby, narrow-minded ignorance out of my way. Do I rant about the deplorable spectacle that is Honey Boo-Boo and the dullards that kept a show like that on the air? Do I go to the forums for The Voice or The Bachelor and condemn those fans for encouraging such blatant narcissism and superficiality? I do not. Because it's your brain and your time, so do what you want with both- as long as you will allow me the same courtesy. But you don't, do you? And that's why you're a troll. And your opinion doesn't matter. At all. For anything. Thanks for playing.
  • awful

    I really wish they would cancel this garbage. The commercials alone wanna make me shove razor blades in my eyes. I've tried watching several episodes, buuuuut no. Just no.
  • Had potential

    I thought it had potential but its going after a crowd I guess I'm not part of. Maybe if was sucking on a bong this might seem amusing (but then again so is an infomercial) but its not worth the effort to save this show. I ended up removing it from my record list last night. I'm not sure if it is the writing or the acting but it just never got funny which I was hoping for more comedy than drama. I don't care about social barriers - I just want to laugh - this didn't make me laugh. This show has gone down hill comedy wise VERY fast for a new show.
  • Comedy!!

    All you haters - its a comedy people, and TV - not real. Its great entertainment. Love it.
  • I think this show is HILARIOUS

    The show is clearly doing it's job -- it's pissing off all of the uptight pricks.

    The show is not about being "realistic"; it's about being funny and breaking social barriers. I love it!

    It's about a group of 3 EMTs who have difficulties in their personal lives and frequently have to mix their personal and work lives. They have each others' backs and serve as both professional and personal support to each other.

    The show pushes the envelope. It has naked butt cheeks, plenty of profanity, mistakenly walking in on old people having sex, and even shows the after-effects of the EMTs mistakenly viewing porn with animals!!

    My mother always told me you can tell when you are doing something right when you are pissing off the right people. In the case of this show, uptight conservatives get pissy, but by comparison to European TV, this show is not all that bad. European TV frequently has naked same-sex kissing, plenty of profanity, and lots of drug references.

    The show is on cable TV at 10:00 PM. Cable channels do not have to abide by the same standards of censorship that network channels like NBC do. If you feel the show is too dirty and profane for children, why are your children up at 10:00 PM watching TV?

    I hope the show stays on the air.

  • We don't act like that!

    I have been in EMS 21 years this 2014 and I can honestly say that we don't act like that in or out of the field! This show does nothing to show how EMT's really save lives while on duty and off! I was excited to see this show when it first came out! Now my hope it just goes away not to return! To all that have watched it and also think it shouldn't be on the air say something! I really was put back completely on the last episode when the Gay EMT was having sex with some man in a backroom of a Church during a wedding! Totally inappropriate for TV! I hope that it gets canceled and if it doesn't I will not watch it ever again! Such a waste I had higher hopes for this show! Dennis Leary your a tool! If you had any respect for what we do you would ride out with us and see what it is really about! The storyline was mostly about their lives outside of work! Most of us are lives are our work! Many of us have missed holidays and kid's birthday's! You made us look like a bunch of horney loser's!

  • Have to wonder if Denis Leary is a latent homosexual

    Low class, low ball, low brow. Rescue me had redeeming qualities, redeeming characters and depth. This is filth veinly disguised as comedy. Anything for a paycheck now Denis Leary--this is your legacy to your children. my dad brought this material to America's television
  • Loving this show.

    First new comedy I've loved in a while.
  • What's with all the swearing on the show???

    Not necessary..... It may be cable but it's also prime time.
  • Comedy piques my interest

    Some of random ep (14)