Sister Princess

TV Tokyo (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Pure Christmas
      Pure Christmas
      Episode 25
      Christmas is here! All sisters have gathered together and want to give their brother an extra-special gift and naturally make the celebration even better than those past. But Wataru has a last-minute agenda to handle. Will he make it back in time?
    • Sakuya's Story - Holy Wedding
      Sakuya visits a church bazaar when Wataru isn't able to spend time with her one day. She then fantasizes while inside the building.
    • Dear Brother's Restaurant
      Being friends with a restaurant owner has promise. Sakuya has made dinner reservations for herself, Marie, Haruka, Chikage, and Wataru tonight. Complications arise when Mamoru, Kaho, Hinako, and Aria enter the fray, yet the first four still have ways of adjusting.
    • Shirayuki's Story - Teaching Of Madame
      While attending Madame Pikkori's confectionary-making school, Shirayuki notices a sad look in her teacher's eyes. A picture of the teacher and a loved one apparently tells all.
    • The Box Of Memories
      Wataru is up for another sleepover, this time at Sakuya's house. Trouble begins when she accidentally knocks over a treasure chest full of memories. Wataru's forgetfulness of one item - a clover-printed tile - grates on Sakuya's nerves and sends her running out upon the town in a fit. She recalls certain memories while getting lost, until they both meet at a familiar pillar.moreless
    • Marie's Story - In The Sunny Day
      Marie takes center stage once more. A simple soaking while giving Michael a bath leads to another bedridden moment in the blink of an eye. Perhaps seeing Wataru will alleviate the child's condition a bit.
    • The Red Thread Of Fate
      Sakuya wants to give a present to Wataru, but a love letter from an unknown source deters the act. Hinako feels inspired, Haruka is intrigued and romantic, but Sakuya waxes overprotective. A chat over something called the Red Thread of Fate, a small argument, and reconciliation soon makes matters concerning the letter obsolete.moreless
    • Haruka's Story - My Swinging Heart To The Strip Of Paper
      Rain erupts while Haruka attends a Tanabata festival, disabling her hopes of meeting Wataru. But she's in for a conclusive surprise.
    • Are You Close To Me... Bro?
      Yotsuba and Rinrin spy on Wataru to learn more about him.
    • Yotsuba's Story - Broken Unicorn

      Following an unexpected snag in meeting her brother, Yotsuba instead goes to his house and finds a trinket just like the one she recalls owning from long ago.

    • It's Visiting Day!
      It's Visiting Day!
      Episode 15
      Marie is to expect visits from Wataru, Shirayuki, Karen, Aria, and Hinako. Karen distracts Hinako and Aria for a short period to give the spectacled girl a chance to talk with their brother. Meanwhile, Shirayuki has another special dessert to prepare.
    • Chikage's Story - A Golden Fruit
      Wataru planted a tree on Chikage's birthday when they were little kids. Chikage now returns on yet another birthday to see that the tree has produced its first fruit. But what are her plans for it and her brother?
    • The Magic Word
      The Magic Word
      Episode 13
      Aria loves playing with Wataru very much. He even comes to her aid when she falls ill like he would any other sister. But is Aria as ill as everyone believes?
    • Rinrin's Story - If The Spring Wind Blows
      Rinrin remembers her grandfather, her first robot, and the start of her newfound interest in mechanics.
    • A Mug Of Big Bro And Me
      Following the purchase of a tent and two matching mugs, Mamoru is all set to go camping with Wataru. But Sakuya, Marie (naturally accompanied by Michael), and Haruka are also coming along. Even more disappointing, the campsite isn't a clearing for tents but rather some cabins. Poor Mamoru doesn't get to rough it with their brother like she planned...or does she?moreless
    • Kaho's Story - The Shining Red Shoes
      Kaho recalls a time when she wanted to show Wataru a pair of new shoes her mother bought her. Will unexpected surprises on the way ruin Kaho's chance?
    • An Endless Wish To The Shooting Stars
      A mysterious little girl who resembles Chikage gives Wataru two tickets to a planetarium. He thinks about taking Hinako along, but the same girl as before insists he takes Chikage instead.
    • Hinako's Story - Piyo-chan And The Rainy Frog
      Not long after arriving home from school on a rainy day, Hinako decides to go back out to give Wataru an umbrella. An encounter with a frog reminds her of an old story.
    • It's Sleepover Day
      Kaho buys some new pajamas in preparation for a sleepover at Wataru's house.
    • Aria's Story - The Day The Circus Came
      While reading a book, Aria imagines that she is attending a circus.
    • The Temptation Of Marron
      After seeing the results of a joint physical examination at her school, Kaho flips out about being overweight, fearing that Wataru won't accept her because of it. Then she does everything she can to slim down, only to make things worse. Maybe a visit from Wataru, Mamoru, Haruka, and Shirayuki will be more effective.moreless
    • Mamoru's Story - When I Play Soccer...
      Mamoru practically acts nothing like a "standard" female, and she's not too good at ball games either. In her own diary-like story, she recalls a soccer injury during which she hears some boys talking behind her back. Her athletic spirit hits an all-time low until Wataru shows up.
    • Secret Of The Garden!
      While gardening, Kaho gathers some pansy seeds into a little bag just for Wataru which she soon ends up losing. So she enlists aid from Yotsuba and later Rinrin. Wataru catches on seeing as how Kaho didn't come over to visit, and even though they don't find the seeds, both of them still discover something just as pleasant.moreless
    • Karen's Story - The Secret Locket
      In diary format, Karen recalls a locket given to her by her grandmother. The grandmother also tells Karen to save the space inside for a picture of one special person in the child's life.
    • Heart Days
      Heart Days
      Episode 1
      The sisters come together again and are as usual quite anxious to meet their brother, whom they haven't seen for some time.
  • Season 1