Sister Princess

TV Tokyo (ended 2001)


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  • An anime about a boy and his sisters.

    Sister Princess follows a boy named Wataru who fails a class due to a computer glitch. He moves to a mysterious island named Promised Island where he meets twelve young girls claiming to be his younger sisters. The show focuses on Wataru's new life as he has to juggle between school work and having time for his new little sisters.

    Sister Princess is a decent anime. It isn't one of the best and I wouldn't really recommend it. The show is a little eye brow raising at times, especially since Wataru, the main character, seems to like his sisters more than he should... And nothing really happens in most episodes. It isn't very good but you might enjoy it if you like drama anime.
  • Sister Princess revolves around a teenage boy named Wataru Minakami who gets kicked out of his school due to incorrect grading and is sent to a place called Promised Island where he finds out that he has twelve sisters!

    Aria, Chikage, Hinako, Haruka, Kaho, Mamoru, Karen, Rinrin, Marie, Sakuya, Shirayuki, and Yotsuba each have one thing in common: they are Wataru's sisters! Wataru comes to a place named Promised Island after his test got scored wrong and he could not make it into school. At first, he only meets four of the girls that tag along with him and get him things for his "Welcoming Home" party." He stays with them for a night than the next day he finds out that he has eight more sisters! Sister Princess is a really nice show to watch if you like anime. It does not have violence or anything really gross in it like most anime do. It is mainly about finding peace with other people and getting along with people you just met.

    The animation is pretty standard for anime. There really isn't anything super special about it except that the ocean and some of the backgrounds look really nice. The music is almost the same. Sister Princess has a nice opening title and ending title although some of the music they use in the show is a little plain.

    The characters are interesting. There's Aria the shy and quiet one, Hinako the really jumpy one, and Mami the girl pretending to be a sister. Something I do not like about this show is that the characters don't really develop until late in the first season. Other than that, most of the characters are really interesting and have really different personalities from each other. I think that anyone could get into the show because each of the girls has different personalities. Some characters are enjoyable while others you love to hate.

    Sister Princess is a really good anime for people that start watching these types of shows. It isn't as good as a lot of different anime but it comes close. If you ever have a chance to watch it, try it and you'll love it.
  • I wanted to love it, but I didn't even like it.

    I really thought I would dig this show. But it just was, boring. Nothing happened that was funny, or interesting. After 12 episodes, I knew it wasn't going to get any better, but I kept with it, which was, a mistake. The characters really don't develop, or do anything...No explanation is given about how they are all sisters, and how he is there brother, no real reason was given for anything.

    This anime is just, pointless. Now, not to say it is the worst anime I have ever seen, but for me, I just expected more and really had high hopes, and, well, that may be my mistake.
  • It's about people. LOL

    I love this anime! This is pretty much my favorite anime of ALL TIME!!!!!!! I love it, love it, love it so so much!
    Sister Princess rocks my socks so hard. Sister Princess nneeds to be a never-ending anime like Wolf's Rain. Just when it ends, it starts again.
    Reasons why I love Sister Princess:
    A. It's cool
    B. It's awesome
    C. It's the best anime ever created ever in the whole wide universal universe!!!! ever ever ever!!!!
    D. Each sister brings their own unique persona into the mix and it just makes the anime one of the most creative ones I've ever seen. It's very original, very hooking. Once you taste it, you can't stop watching. Love it so much! You need to watch it , like, now!!!
  • This is a show that's best point is that Horie Yui sings it's OP/ED songs.It revolves around the sisters that a college student finds upon moving to a new island.If like shoujo check it out.

    OK,I am a whaco shoujo fan,and I also love Horie Yui's I was drawn to this like a fly to honey.
    It's a wonderful yet annoying show.You will love it or hate it.I hated it for the annoyance at the start,but the one where they ad-libbed the stage play really hooked me.
    I recommend this to all shoujo fans.
  • This is a very good anime that no anime lover should miss. The story is good, all of the sisters are very diverse in the way they talk, the way they act and the way they show their love for their big brother, Wataru.

    Sister Princess is about a boy who finds out that he has twelve sisters he never knew about.The sisters love for him overflows and sometimes causes problems for him, but they all love him very much. The sisters also have very diverse lifestyles. I think that the voice acting in both versions, english and japanese, is good. The character Taro Yamada, voiced by Greg Ayres, has a slightly annoying voice but it is also a funny voice. Overall, this is a very good show, not to be missed!
  • Wataru Minakami applies for a school and he accidentally fails so he gets sent to Promised Island where he meets these 12 sisters he never knew about. Sister Princess is the story of Wataru regaining his childhood and getting to know his sisters.

    This is a wonderful feel-good show that is really colorful! It may be weird at times but it's fun! With a variety of characters, from calm to sporty to outgoing, this show will make you happy! ^^~ It's got its funny moments and its emotional moments, just stuff for all the different kinds of people out there!