Sister Princess

TV Tokyo (ended 2001)


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  • Sister Princess revolves around a teenage boy named Wataru Minakami who gets kicked out of his school due to incorrect grading and is sent to a place called Promised Island where he finds out that he has twelve sisters!

    Aria, Chikage, Hinako, Haruka, Kaho, Mamoru, Karen, Rinrin, Marie, Sakuya, Shirayuki, and Yotsuba each have one thing in common: they are Wataru's sisters! Wataru comes to a place named Promised Island after his test got scored wrong and he could not make it into school. At first, he only meets four of the girls that tag along with him and get him things for his "Welcoming Home" party." He stays with them for a night than the next day he finds out that he has eight more sisters! Sister Princess is a really nice show to watch if you like anime. It does not have violence or anything really gross in it like most anime do. It is mainly about finding peace with other people and getting along with people you just met.

    The animation is pretty standard for anime. There really isn't anything super special about it except that the ocean and some of the backgrounds look really nice. The music is almost the same. Sister Princess has a nice opening title and ending title although some of the music they use in the show is a little plain.

    The characters are interesting. There's Aria the shy and quiet one, Hinako the really jumpy one, and Mami the girl pretending to be a sister. Something I do not like about this show is that the characters don't really develop until late in the first season. Other than that, most of the characters are really interesting and have really different personalities from each other. I think that anyone could get into the show because each of the girls has different personalities. Some characters are enjoyable while others you love to hate.

    Sister Princess is a really good anime for people that start watching these types of shows. It isn't as good as a lot of different anime but it comes close. If you ever have a chance to watch it, try it and you'll love it.