Sister, Sister

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1996 on The WB
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Tia and Tamera come up with a excellent plan to get Ray and Lisa together for a romantic evening. Everything is going planed until Lisa's friend Patrice visits and everything comes to a screeching halt.

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  • Funny!

    Lisa and Ray suddenly fall in love. At first, Tia and Tamera are really happy about it. They try and lead them into a date. Then they see Roger and find out that his parents got divorce because they were so different. The twins are afraid that if their parents get married, they will get a divorce and have to separate. They try to stop the date. Everything just goes back to normal in the end.

    This was a great episode! I thought that Tamera was funny in this episode! I really want Ray and Lisa to get married. This episode gets a 10!moreless

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    • Tamera: Dad, sit down. Remember those cute, itty bitty goldfish I had?
      Ray: Peaches and Herb?
      Tamera: Huh uh. And remember how Herb would always blow a love bubble at Peaches, and she always seemed more interested in little plastic sea monkey at the bottom of the tank?
      Ray: Yeah...
      Tamera: Well, Lisa has a new sea monkey in her tank.
      Tia: Sorry, Herb.

    • (Ray and Lisa come back from jogging)
      Tia: Mom, I can't believe this. The last time you went running was after the taco cart.
      Lisa: Yeah, well, Ray loves his exercise and I got nothing against getting in shape.
      Ray: Lisa, there is nothing wrong with your shape. I don't say it very often, but I kinda like looking at it.
      Lisa: Yeah? Well keep looking, because its about to collapse on the couch.
      Ray: No. No. You've got to keep moving. Let your heart rate down slowly.
      Lisa: What heart? You broke it when you wouldn't let me stop at Dairy Queen.

    • Tia: Oh my gosh, this is all our fault. Tamera, what are we going to do?
      Tamera: I'M GONNA TELL MY DADDY!

    • Tia & Tamera: We're so predictable! (to eachother) I knew you we're going to say that.

    • (Lisa is going around putting Post-Its on stuff)
      Tia: Mom, what are you doing?
      Lisa: I'm marking everything that's mine. Mine! Mine! MINE! (Puts a Post-It on Tia)

    • Tamera: (to Roger) "For a little guy you sure pack a big lunch".

    • Lisa: I dont know if I should play hard to get or dive right in.

      Tia: Oh Diveeeeee Right In

    • Patrice: For a second I thought you were falling for ol' Applehead Ray.
      (Patrice Laughing)
      (Lisa then begins laughing)
      Lisa: Why what's wrong with ol' applehead?

  • NOTES (1)

    • During this episode when the twins have a future vision of what might happen, the roles of Lisa and Ray in women and men seemed switched. Lisa sat and ate all day and was a slob, and Ray was running around cleaning as a maid.