Sister, Sister

Season 2 Episode 1

Hair Today

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1994 on The WB

Episode Recap

Lisa, Tamera, and Tia go to the salon for makeovers, Tamera's new makeover is noticed by the popular girls and she is accepted as one of them, Tia on the other hand wasn't accepted, frustrated Tia goes home and tries to give herself a perm which turns disastrous.

Embarrassed, Tia wears a hat to try to cover the disaster upon her head, being nosy Roger pulls Tia's hat off and the school suddenly burst into laughs, Tia so hurt runs into the boys bathroom by mistake, an upset Tamera says "It's ok Tia its the bomb", the popular girls laugh even harder and one of them says "Looks like the bomb went off". Will Tamera stand up for her twin or will she keep quiet? And will Tia ever be able to show her face in school again?

Ray buys a cappuchino machine and tries to find the perfect cappuchino.
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